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  1. by   Yin Yang
    Quote from kathygalt
    Does ECC attend these meetings also?? hmmm.
    Ok...it's on the ECC schedule too. But, it's circled by Mysterious...so all 4 semesters of both schools meet together at once???

  2. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    All of the 1st semester students meet at one time....from ECC, NLC, THR, Baylor (?).

    Maybe they are scheduling things at the same time, but different rooms? Hmmmm.....don't know about that one.
  3. by   JaxiaKiley
    Welcome, Amy -- Nice to see you finally joined us

    Gosh, it's only a few hours away! I'll have Thursdays off.

    I guess I missed the entry about what NLC people are supposed to bring. Do we need any books? Our skills pack?
  4. by   a_clay

    Where is the post about what NL students need to bring tomorrow? I haven't seen it and I don't know what to bring either. I am usually on top of things but I am feeling kind of stupid right now about all this stuff.


    Quote from kathygalt
    I'm spending today packing my backpack and getting everything together. Do we need to bring anything special to the first day of skills lab? I saw the post of what Northlake students need to bring, but does anybody know if ECC is pretty much the same? I'd hate to be unprepared the first day! LOL. But, I also don't want to cart tons of unnecessary stuff on the light rail and look like a homeless person toting around all my worldly possessions. Everybody post how their first day goes.

    Take care!

  5. by   JaxiaKiley
    Hey Amy, I found it. Fun posted this on one of the other threads:

    "I did ask Iris to clarify what to bring on 1st semester's 1st skills day. I told y'all correctly. You only need to bring regular gloves on the first lab class, if you have already purchased your supply pack, and your Fundamentals book. (Not the sterile gloves.)"
  6. by   Yin Yang
    Jaxia is so quick! And all this while looking at Light Rail schedules!! lol

  7. by   JaxiaKiley
    lol, I even had to redo it because I got that nasty 'server busy' message
  8. by   a_clay
    Thank you Jaxia and Kathy..I am glad somebody is on top of things cause it's not me!
  9. by   LoveFaithCharityJoy
    Hello all,
    It has been a while since I have posted, I just wanted to wish everyone a great semester. I will be attending NLC, hope to run in to any of you.
    Stay Blessed.
  10. by   a_clay
    Hey everybody....I found a paper that was in our "you got in the program" packet.

    It says "Things to bring to your first skills lab session":

    1. Please be on time
    2. Bring your NURSE pac (steth, BP cuff, etc.)
    3. Bring your proof of your CPR certification.
    4. WEAR your nametag (I guess I will be wearing one of my MISSPELLED nametags)
    5. Bring proof of beginning the Hepatitis B series.
  11. by   JaxiaKiley
    Nurse Pac? What is that? The bag of stuff from the bookstore? I do have that, but I haven't opened it yet. Unless there is one in the bag, I don't have a BP cuff. Should I go get one tonight?

    My name tags aren't in yet, so I can't wear it either.

    Thanks for sharing this, Amy! At least I will bring my CPR card and Hep shots
  12. by   mysterious_one
    even though I didn't go to NL, I dont' think you have to bring your whole supply pack , or a BP cuff. The lab will have the cuffs. And you will not use much off the pack on the first day. Gloves will be fine,as Fun said. Bring your papers , proof of your CPR , Insurance and Meds Pub payment, maybe proof of Immunization, your syllabus and something to write.
  13. by   a_clay
    NURSE pac is the thing that SNA sells (or you can gather up on your own) that has steth, BP cuff, etc. SKILLS pac is what you buy from the bookstore that has all the bandages, gloves, etc.
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