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Well, I have posted several times about my problems...but a quick overview...I have about 80 credit hours from 11 years ago, in which my GPA was not good. I returned to school 1 1/2 years ago taking... Read More

  1. by   Katnip
    Check with your financial aid office. Go to the library and look at scholarship books. Not all are needs based and there are some that aren't even merit based. Do you belong to an honor society?
    How about finding a part time job in a hospital that you'd like to work? Most seem to pay reimbursement after you graduate, but some will pay as you go.
  2. by   ashemson
    Actually I am talking about the Stafford Loans. The total amount you can get with a 2 year college is 14000'ish. I have already gotten about 16000 over the last 2 years at my 4 year college, therefore I am over that limit.

    I don't belong to any society's but I have been looking at all kinds of scholarships and even applied at a local hospital for the med surg secretary, and the only experience I need is medical terminology, which I have. So I am keeping my fingers crossed!

    Thanks everyone!
  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    please, don't give up!
  4. by   Asiancutie
    There are scholarships out there that does not require a great GPA.... some of them you can win by writing an essay or a poem etc.. Also, try the payment plans in your school and maybe take one class for right now, if that is possible. Don't give up now! Life sucks but you know what they say about after the rain there is always a rainbow.....
  5. by   kats
    I was also told that I had too many hours and couldn't receive to get financial aid. When I explained however that I had changed my major and needed more classes to become an RN I was given a way out. All I needed to do was to have a meeting with an advisor and complete an educational plan. We went over every class that I would need to finish to get my degree. I can't take any additional classes, but I am now allowed to receive the financial aid I need to complete my pre-requisites and go to nursing school. Make sure you talk with your counselors to see if this is an option for you at your school. Good luck.
  6. by   missionnurse
    There are many hospitals that give service cancelable loans! i.e. you get so much money from them and then every month or year you work for them you are canceling so much of that school money they gave!

    Look into it! Please don't give up! Not after this long! You deserve to reach your goal!!!


  7. by   renerian
    My hubby at his employees eval will forgo raises for the person being eval'd if they would rather have lump sum tutition reimbursement.......could be an option. Do you make to much to get grants?

  8. by   ashemson
    Renerian - The problem is that if I transfer to the ADN program, I get NO aid whatsoever. Nothing, because I am over the limit. However, if I continue with my 4 year college, I can get assistance. The problem there is that I am an alternate WAY down the line, and I am out of prerequisites to take, so basically it is just a waiting game with them. Who knows when I will ever get called from them. There are sooo many that applied this semester, and already for next semester. It is so frustrating, because I could get right in to the ADN program, but I just can't afford it...