1. I am currently filling out my application for several nursing schools and being asked if I have ever been convicted of a "crime". I am a little confused about what I should put down. In 1989, I went off the road and hit a tree totaling my car. I immediately called the police and was charged with a DWI. There were no injuries at all. I later pled guilty to a DWAI, which is a traffic infraction. I have never answered yes to this question on any other appication that I filled out. I even worked for the sheriffs department for 7 years after this plea and have never been questioned about it. I just do not want to put down yes and hurt my chances of getting accepted, if this is in fact not a crime, but an infraction. What should I do? I have just sent an email to the state board asking the same question? Thanks for your help. By the way, this was an eye opener for me....I do not drink at all anymore...period!
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  3. by   caroladybelle
    What is DWAI - if it has anything whatsoever to do with driving while under influence of alcohol and/or drugs and/or legal meds, as a general rule, you must report it. If in doubt, ask the school.

    Reason being, even if you graduate, it may impair ability to get a nursing license. Most will refer you to Board of Nursing. But nursing schools are crowded, they have difficulty admitting someone who cannot sit for Boards, harsh but true.

    DWI/DUI is something that can get your license suspended after you become a nurse, so it generally is reportable - "infraction" or crime, they don't care about the wording.

    Several states require traffic and parking tickets to be reported.

    The fact you do not have any more infractions will probably help you.
  4. by   Rivs
    DWI- Driving while intoxicated - misdemeanor
    DWAI- Driving while ability impaired- traffic infraction
  5. by   Rivs
    Here is the response I got from the state board (New York):

    The license application will ask whether you have been convicted of a crime. You answer yes and provide an explanation. This will not keep you from taking the examination. Your file will be reviewed after you have passed the examination and are ready for licensure by staff from the office of professional discipline. A DWI conviction will not be considered as unacceptable moral character. Good luck in pursuing your nursing education.
  6. by   Rivs
    caroladybelle- thank you for your reply.
  7. by   Ortho_RN
    So basically a DWAI is almost like getting a speeding ticket.. If that is the case, then I wouldn't think you would have to mention it..