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We are half-way through the semester, and out of 52, we have lost 6 students and a meeting will be held next week by the instructors with students that are not doing well, and some will be encouraged... Read More

  1. by   karlita
    I knew when I was 4 that I wanted to work in the medical field. I started my nursing pre-reqs when I was 16 and could dual-enroll in high school and the community college. Life has thrown some challenges at me so there have been times when I had to take a semester off which set me back a bit. I'm 22 now, I just started the RN program, and I am as dedicated as ever to accomplish my goal. I guess my point is not everyone is the same. I've also always felt, when starting a job at the hospital and being the youngest by far, that I have to work really hard to 'prove myself'. When often I turn out to be more responsible and reliable as an employee than some of my older co-workers. I think it just depends on how you're raised. My mother taught me that there is nothing more valuable than your education because it is the one thing no one can take away from you, and I have always worked hard to educate myself.
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  2. by   Rage
    I grad in May so that makes me a senior in a ABSN program. I'm 52 years old and a male to boot. But I'm also an honor student............so if anyone thinks age makes a difference then they can dispell that thought, I'll gladly stand up for being a "poster child" on that issue.

    I've seen ALOT of younger students come and go as well, I can tell you it all comes down to several factors in my opinion.
    1) maturity: they put their wanna's in front of their gotta's, anytime you put something off that you have to do because you want to do another thing you have a problem.

    2) Study Habits: It amazes me how schools are set up to teach you things without giving you the basic tools for actually learning them. I guess it is just "assumed" you know how to study because your in school............assumptions........pfffffft

    3) Dedication: School like the profession requires dedication, if you think that "awwww it's gonna be easy, and a breeze" well welcome to reality. It's work and hard work at that, like they say if were easy then there wouldn't be a deficit in nursing. But think about it, if someone was gonna put their grubby lil paws on you, wouldn't you want them to know what they doing?

    4) It just doesn't sink in: Let's face it, not everyone is cut out to be a nurse, just like there are some people not cut out to be a lawyer or engineer. Wanting isn't the same as being. But you really don't know until you test the waters. Get into a "care giving" job and see if it's what you really want before you waste your time and money.

    5) Yes there are some professors that suck: So? Deal with it, they have a job and you don't. Study harder, smarter, longer.....do what ever it takes. If you decide to give up then refer back to the "grubby lil paws" comment above.

    Sorry, thats just the black and white of the situation. I have never been accused of being the "warm and fuzzy" type. But if you want someone in ICU who is taking care of you that is intensely focused and not willing to give up, then I'm your guy.
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