Drop Out/Failure Rate in your class

  1. Hi,
    I am new here and was wondering if the 33% loss that we have in my class (AAS) is normal. We are only in the second semester of clinicals (2 more to go) and I think we may have a few more that will fail out this semester.

    I can understand that there will be some losses, i.e. one woman didn't come back because she in a middle of a divorce, someone got pregnant, a few decided to do a BSN instead, etc. But it seems like we are dropping like flies.

    Are other students experiencing this too?

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  3. by   S.T.A.C.E.Y
    We lost a third of our class in the first year, about 25 (most after the first term). A few more in second year (maybe 5-6), a couple in third year (2-3 maybe), and probably 1-2 will be dropped back in fourth year. In first year, the big group was mostly quitters, or people changing their program. In the other years it was mostly people needing to drop back a year.
  4. by   cc71
    Ironically, I came on this forum for some moral support and this is the exact subject! I am an LVN transition student so this is considered my "second year" and I can't believe it, but I am FAILING!!! There are 109 of us all together and only 27 people PASSING! They changed the grades at the beginning of the semester to a 78 being a pass and anything below that is a fail. I never thought just a few weeks ago that I would be in danger of failing! My grade is a 73 with two more tests and a final to go. The final will only have a 100 questions and I could really use a whole lot more! I know this material very well but I can't seem to understand what the question is on the test. All that I have left remaining is to enhance my critical thinking, which is a challenge because I am an LVN and I have been taught to "think" in a different way. Besides that, I am getting so overwhelmed that at times I feel it's useless and I just can't do it. I do wonder though, what kind of budget the ADN program is going to have in the spring with only 30 or so students. I don't feel too stupid because I am not alone but yet, I still feel like a failure. I also wonder how many people have been this close to failing the class and yet pulled it off. There were 48 of last year's graduates that failed the NCLEX, therefore they are demanding more of us. But I feel like they only want the "elite" to go take the NCLEX, what about the rest of us (and there are a lot!)???
  5. by   moongirl
    we started with 60 and now have 51, we are at the end of our 3rd semester
  6. by   OhioMTCRN07
    We started with 135, I believe, and are down to 80 or so -- 2nd year, 2nd quarter with 2 more to go. I think that people don't believe how hard it is and don't study as much as they should or as effectively as they should. I believe you can know your notes but fail because you haven't studied NCLEX style questions. Hopefully you will understand what I'm attempting to say in that sentence!
  7. by   CrazyHands
    WOW!! A 78? We need a 70 to pass. I wonder who regulates this, if it is the college or if they get sign off from the state board of Nursing. My understanding is that they have to sign off on the ciriculum/program.

    I think other people truely don't understand how difficult this. I work full time in a non-med field and tell my coworkers I have a solid C. They're probably thinking "what a slacker". This program does take some of your confidence though. I aspired to a B and this semester am just settling for the passing grade. Hopefully, next semester things will click since it is still so new.

    Since I work 6 days a week, the only advice I can give, is read a little bit everyday. Read for comprehension and try to answer some sample questions. Sometimes it's hit or miss with the exams. It seems that our exams don't really read like the typical NCLEX style questioning. They say they are challenging us because they want a high NCLEX passing rate. For med. calculations, they will throw in 2-4 distractors within the question, just to get you off track. The same thing is being done with multiple choice questions.

    For cc71, I would say just keep plugging along. There were several people last semester that were borderline and pulled it off. 2 exams and a final (not sure of the % breakdown), is definetly passable if you are so close.
  8. by   WDWpixieRN
    I think, with about 3 weeks to go, that we've lost about 25% of our class...some who decided this wasn't what they thought it was, and some who were there for mommy & daddy, and some who just weren't up to the work....it's been a long, frustrating, and overwhelming semester, and those of us who look like we'll pass are relieved and petrified for 2nd semester!! We're all needing the semester break!!
  9. by   LeaRN2008
    We started with 114 in first level and in 3rd level (3rd semester we only have 62 and that is including the ones we have picked up who failed the semester before. We have to have a 77 average to pass and we do not get any extra points or grade curves that I read on here somewhere that some schools give. And I am one of these students who struggle every semester. But so far with one more exam and a final I am passing with a 79 so right now I'm happy to just be passing. We also have some LPN students who are failing right now and they are very smart, so don't feel so stupid because you're not. I have found that studying NCLEX books to be helpful. The Saunders everyone is talking about is very good and I also like the Lippencotts. Just hang in there and don't give up.
  10. by   luvs2readlotsRN
    We started with 48 and are down to 42. We may lose two more before the end of the semester. I'm with wdwpixie...we who are passing are so grateful to be in that position and can't wait for break to be here!!!
    I'm just glad I've worked and worked to stay away from being borderline. My heart goes out to anyone in that situation!
  11. by   shaazzaamm34
    Quote from crazyhands
    i am new here and was wondering if the 33% loss that we have in my class (aas) is normal. we are only in the second semester of clinicals (2 more to go) and i think we may have a few more that will fail out this semester.

    i can understand that there will be some losses, i.e. one woman didn't come back because she in a middle of a divorce, someone got pregnant, a few decided to do a bsn instead, etc. but it seems like we are dropping like flies.

    are other students experiencing this too?


    we started with 70 drop to 60 after first semester... drop to 50 after second... then went back up to 60 with the lpn bridge students...

    but why would you quit to transfer to a bsn program... after your adn it's so easy to get ur bsn in like 3 semesters... online at that... ugh... stupid ppl...
  12. by   marilynmom
    We have to have a 76% to pass, I think that is pretty average.

    I was talking to a senior friend of mine and she said they have lost 33% of their starting class. We started with 85 and have lost a few for various reasons already this first semester: pregnancy, some found it wasn't for them, some flunked out, family problems, a couple never even showed up the first day of class, some have dropped to part time. My school is VERY supportive of it's students, but not everyone is cut out for nursing or will make it.

    I find the Saunders book very helpful.
  13. by   MySimplePlan
    We took an exam today with another section of nursing students, and between their class and our class, it looked like a single class from way back in September...it was very disconcerting to look around.

    We need a minimum of 80% to pass at our school, no rounding. Scary hard.
  14. by   allthingsbright
    75% to pass for us, but they just changed it at my school for incoming freshman to 80%.

    Our class started as freshman with 64.

    Lost 10 the first semester due to various reasons.

    Have 8 failing OB right now and 10 failing mental health. Don't know how many are failing medsurg. About 5 left mid semester.

    They are dropping like flies around here.