Drop out/Fail out rate of your school

  1. I just wanted to know how many people make it through the first semester at your school. At mine it is less than 50% according to previous classes. Is this usual for ADN programs? I am still debating whether or not this is a good thing. On one hand it weeds people out early who won't cut it as nurses but on the other hand many don't have a chance to prove themselves. Any thoughts?
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  3. by   BrandyBSN
    I dont remember how many droped out after first year. We started with 55 in August 1998, now we are down to 27, and we have picked up seven students, so out of the original 55 students, we have 20 left.

    I think is it both good, and bad. Its good because they just couldnt understand and devote the time to took to pass the classes. We need good nurses in the field, not just warm bodies.

    its bad because it just makes my class rank go down. I was 10th out of 55, now I am 10th out of 27. Lots of 4.0s, and two 3.8s in front of me, and there is no way I will be at a 3.8 by graduation. A 3.4 will have to be good enough i guess.

    Oh, and with the students that dropped out, 3 had legit reasons. One was hospitalized for an eating disorder, one had a leukemia relapse, and one had a spouse die. But everyone else was just lazy.

    Maybe at a later time in life they will attempt it again. Some people are just not ready for college right after graduation from High School.

  4. by   essarge
    This was discussed just this week in one of my classes. The average drop out rate in the first year of nursing (sophomore year in college) is about 20%. Like Brandy's school, some are legitimate...the rest are just lazy and want it handed to them without having to do the hard work. We have 39 in our class right now so that means that at close to 8 people will be lost next semester. I've only pinpointed one that I think will go and really needs to (bad attitude and very confrontational with students and instructors).
  5. by   peaceful2100
    When I started my nursing program there were about 55 at the welcoming ceremony and about 7 of the 55 did not even start the first day of class because 1)they somehow got in and then the school did not realize until the last minute that they did not have all the pre-req's neeed 2)2 girls left because their friend could not start because she was one of the one's who did not have all the pre-req's done and they wanted to go through the program together. (well it turned out that they are now at different nursing program in a different city where they met all the pre-req's. I am friends with one of the girls.) 3) Some saw the course syallbus and decided that they could not handle it and did not even try.

    Then we lost about 5 more by the end of spring. I believe Now my class has about 43 people total.

    It depends on the semester and the class too because my class has been told that we have one of the better retention rate compared to several classes before us.
  6. by   Allison P
    Our class began with 65 students. We lost about 10 the first semester. In second semester we had quite a few who didn't pass. Some of them were honor students who had academic scholarships. Two of them already had bachelor's degrees in other fields. So far we've lost 2 this semester. Right now there are 35 of us left.

  7. by   doularoz
    One of the second year students at my school said they started with 47 and second semester they added 10 more students. This semester 22 returned. I couldn't believe it. Already 50% of my class has failed the first two tests and half of my A&P (which is a prereq. to advance to next semester) class is failing also. I don't understand why that many people are doing that poorly. Yes it is challanging and very time consuming but this blows my mind. Maybe it is easier for me because I have a B.A. in another field and I have more college experience. I'm starting a study group tomorrow so we can help each other study for the test. Hopefully that will help. Thanks for the input.
  8. by   essarge
    I've seen the A&P failure rate from our class. I passed, but that was with ALLOT of studying and no life while I was taking it (not that I have much of one now!! LOL!). Some people just don't realize that when you enter a nursing program in college that it is unlike any other program and takes more time and more dedication. Study groups are great but be careful you don't get people that want you to teach them the course. We had to ask two people to leave our group because of that. They never showed up for class and expected us to teach them. Good luck!!
  9. by   giftedRN

    you are so right. I have this girl in my study group who wants me to teach her and she is sooooo selfish. I did it once and she got 83% in the Psychology test and I got 65%. I realized now that this girl was using me, so I just tell her to find someone else if she needs a teacher.

    The second psychology test I got more than her and she was very mad because she did not have me to teach her. I am thinking about me now and as to her, she has to try to reason out things for herself because this girl was not good for me. She is an OPORTUNIST!!

    I was teaching her and was not trying to read more of the things I did not understand.
  10. by   essarge
    When we first had to ask people to leave the group, I felt guilty....until I realized that it was my education. If they were to lazy to go to class and study on their own...that was on them, not me. Now if someone asks for help and they are not in class (or sleeping during class) I tell them that I'm not available.
  11. by   GPatty
    I am in a LPN class that started out with 80. I would say that we are down to about 70 and this is the first semester still. I have heard it told that we'll probably lose down to about half when we are about half way through.

    We'll see!!!! But not me!!!

  12. by   AppyHorseFan
    I'm not sure what our school's drop out rate is, I can only tell you about my class. We started this semester (first semester, freshman year) with 115 students. We only have 100 chairs in the lecture hall, so we had 15 students sitting in chairs in the aisle. Well, as of this past Tuesday, not only were there NO ONE sitting is chairs in the aisles, but there were several empty seats. I realize some may have just been absent, but this was an exam day!!! I know of several that have dropped out, but I would guess that we are down to about 90 or 95 students already.
  13. by   Forevermomof5
    In our program you have to take A&P before you get into the Nursing program. I am in my last semester of pre-reqs and taking A&P right now. It's hard for me to understand why people don't pass the exams. I have 5 kids and a very busy family and I also volunteer during the week.
    I have 4 A's and I am two percentage points away from getting an A in A&P. I'm as busy as anyone yet maybe I just want it more. Our ADN program accepts 56 students every semester so I'm hoping to get in next fall. We'll see what the drop out rate is then!
  14. by   doularoz
    Well after our 3rd test we are down to 37. We started with 55 or 60. One of my professors in another department just told me that 6 of the people in my class read below a 9th grade level based on the test we took our first day. Now they're talking about raising the admission standards. Duh. It's not such a mystery to me anymore. I think if you work hard and want it, you will be an RN. Those who don't won't.