Dove uniforms

  1. I am just wondering if any of you have heard of Dove uniforms? I just found out that is the company that my school has decided to use and we finally have a price list. They're pricey..$50 for the jacket, $45 for the top, and $24 for the pants...not as much as we'd been told they were gonna be but pricey none the less. If any of you have had uniforms from there, were they good quality? I know they switched from the company they had last year to this one because last year's uniforms were so thin they were almost like tissue paper...hope these are better!!!!
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  3. by   hypnotic_nurse
    We had uniforms from Dove in my nursing school (I graduated in 2001). They were good quality -- I had one set for nursing school (because they were so expensive I couldn't afford two) which I rewashed about a thousand million times and it still looked relatively good by the time we were done...but the women's uniform style was supremely ugly -- we had a bonfire with them afterwards!
  4. by   mitchsmom
    Our school uses Dove also, I have pants that I didn't end up using last term but they feel good and thick. I have heard thru this site that the stuff is at least good quality for all the money you spend on it. They are sweatshop-free so I guess that's why it's $$$.
  5. by   alegarreta
    Dove uniforms are the best on the market. They hold up well, are professional looking when pressed and are the only uniforms that I will purches due to my line of work; pediactric home health. They are worth every penny. It is not just the quality and craftmenship involved, but the quality of design as well.