Dosage calc: sample times?

  1. Hi all, I am working through my med math book and am wondering if sample times will be asked on a dosage calc test. In my book, for example, for the self tests it asks to give sample times when writing out the abbreviations, i.e. q2h = 12 times in one day, 0200, 0400, 0600, etc. I understand how the times are figured for q2h, as its every other hour, but are there set times for other examples? I think one question said the answer was 0600 and 1700. Are the sample times just random hours, to show that you understand how often to give the meds, or are they set times? like based on when hospital rounds are, etc. Just need some help understanding this!
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  3. by   ag.wade
    Those times may be subjective. It all boils down to: type of pt., type of med, hospital med admin. polices, etc.

    Check with your instructor to see what he or she wants on your test.
  4. by   Mandychelle79
    It varies between facility to facility or even floor to floor. It also depends on how its ordered. ( q x hours vs bid tid)
  5. by   doublehelix
    Thanks guys! I don't have my Nursing Skills class until Friday (because monday is a holiday here, I'm missing today's class.) Should I even bother remembering the sample times given in my text then, or is understanding q_h / 24hrs = number of times the med will be administered enough?
  6. by   Mandychelle79
    I wouldnt bother remembering the times. Just that BID would be given 2 times a day, q6h would be 4 times per day, but at equal intervals. I think or BID's are 9 and 5 and our q12h are 9 and 9. Most of our drugs are passed at 9 and 5 with some oddballs thrown in.