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Last semester I took A&P I and the regular instructor was on sebatical so a different science instructor taught the class. We had to buy $300- worth of books, but that was ok because our instructor... Read More

  1. by   Elysium_Won
    It does stink but seems to happen rather regularly. When I ordered my books for A&P I, the bookstore gave me a used copy ($80) of the text they used in previous semesters. The instructor said they actually were using a new book (new author, publisher and format) now, but he didn't care which one we had as long as we followed his notes, so I decided not to get the new book at $170. Three weeks later, I was having too much trouble following "his notes" in the old book, so I got the new one. It was too late to return the old book and since the school wasn't using it anymore, they wouldn't buy it back either. I ended up using both books regularly throughout A&P I and II and kept the old book as a personal reference for later.
  2. by   tookewlandy
    These books are waaay overpriced, try to get it used or online cheaper. but i definitely would email the teach and tell him what your last teach told your class about the book being used in part II. He should understand.
  3. by   moonischasingme1
    I would just use the AP book that you have.