Does the path have to be so straight?

  1. Hello Everyone,
    Just thought I would introduce myself cause I'm kind of new here, but I really love this site and the posts are so interesting.

    I have put a post on the general discussion thing of a similar nature, but I'm wondering if you guys could give me some feed back aswell.

    Its lovely to see all ages in this section, because i really think age should never be a problem in doing something you want to do. However, I'm really having trouble continuing my course at the moment...

    Does anyone have a similar experience where they have had to stop their course because of personal problems and managed to continue even after sometime. I want to go back when I'm ready, but I can't help worrying that I'm leaving it and that I'm forgetting everything.

    Also I'd be interested to know if people have started different careers before deciding to become a nurse. It would really encourage me to hear that you can become a nurse at anytime and I would love to hear from other people who have started nursing despite being on a different path to begin with.

    lots of love and happy stars to everyone :kiss :kiss :kiss
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  4. by   Carleigh
    If you want to be a nurse, you will be one no matter how long it takes! I'm just the example. I started nursing school in my early twenties and had to drop out due to lack of money and being a newlywed. I then went part-time to college for many years and got my teaching degree. I taught for 14 yrs. and now have been accepted to nursing school to finish what I started so long ago. A series of life changes brought me back to nursing. By the way, I'm 50(at least that's what my birthday adds up to : ))) Good luck!!
  5. by   ggfifirn05

    Life is more interesting when the path isn't straight. When I was 18, I knew for sure I wanted a career in medicine, but due to lack of financial and family support, decided the best I could do was go to vocational school to be a medical assistant. But instead of starting school that fall when I was scheduled to, I moved to a town 30 miles north to be closer to my boyfriend...I was "in love". And ended up working in an office as a bookkeeper to support myself.

    Well, 28 years, two husbands and six children later, I've finally decided its time to get back to school, and do what I always wanted to a nurse. I've been working in the financial world most of my "career", and although I make good money, there is little personal satisfaction from my job. I want to HELP people, and although you could say I'm helping them plan for their future (I work for a major brokerage firm as the senior associate to a team of "wealth management advisors") there is not a lot of personal interaction with our clients. I'm usually pushing paper or crunching numbers. And the trend in this industry now is to only work with the affluent, and send the people with less assets to invest (like me!) to a call center! I have major problems with that attitude; that my level of service to someone will depend on how much money he or she has! Anyway, this management trend, coupled with the events of 9/11 (you never know what is going to happen) and the fact that my children are nearly grown, made me sit back and take a good, hard look at my life. I'm 46, and still have probably at least 20 good "working" years left in me, and so I decided now it the right time to follow my original dream of being a nurse.

    I know its going to be a challenge, but as a former Navy wife (my husband retired from active duty 10 years ago), I know I can do whatever I put my mind to...I have no illusions about the negatives of nursing, but I also know I've already encountered many of the same negatives in my current career, and feel I am up to the challenge. I just started my prereqs earlier this year, and plan to apply to the nursing program in December; God willing I'll be accepted and start the program in Spring 2003, and graduate in Fall 2004, the same year my youngest child will graduate high school!

    Life is an adventure, and I don't regret the circuitous path I've taken to get where I am; after all, its what made me who I am today. I am so excited and energized to be starting on this new path, and can only encourage you to follow your heart and your dream! Best of luck to you!
  6. by   truemind
    Wow, some lovely replies - thank you so much - I really need this at the moment, it encourages me not to give up on something I know that I want to do. Please keep writing because I really do value your oppinions!!!
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    thanks i feel better now too i keep thinking i'll never get finished with nursing school if i had the money i would have finished long ago. yes i feel some discrimination because of my age they keep recruiting young nurses and giving them financial aid not me. it bothers me but i will keep slogging along till i reach my goal i have read of people older than me going to nursing school i do feel that schools and people need to grow up about older (not old) people going to school.
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    As long as you have breath in your body, and energy to move and motivate yourself, it is NEVER too late to become anything you set your heart, mind, and soul to. :kiss
  9. by   GPatty
    It's never too late to be whatever you want to be...or to do whatever you want to do...
    I am 39 and just finishing up LPN classes. I've always wanted to be a nurse, but something always stood in the way of my dream. That's what it was for me...a dream. Now MY dream is coming true! It may have taken a while to get here, but I am, and you will be too...
    Best of Luck to you!