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hello everyone... i am currently taking rereqs and i have about a year before actual nursing school ( bc i am moving to ny and i have to establish residency). my question is... do you think its... Read More

  1. by   Tony35NYC
    I agree with GracefulRN. Get a subscription to Nursing2004. I personally subscribe to this mag, and it is an EXCELLENT source for nursing students because it covers a wide variety of clinical and critical thinking skills in easy to understand language. Don't buy any nursing books now. They aren't cheap, and they'll probably be outdated by the time you start nursing school.
  2. by   LauraF, RN
    I agree with everyones comments. Do not waste your money on a Fundamentals or Med Surg until you actually know which one your program uses. These can break the bank. Mine for this summer alone are $800. And that is just the required reading, not including the suggested study guides. I would work on a Dosage Calculations book, also a Student Nurse Handbook, found on Amazon for about $20. I think I actually have a Tour Guide for the Student Nurse. It pretty much helps you prioritize your life before you actually get into the nitty gritty of nursing school. The Nursing2004 is great! There are little quizzes in it to test your knowledge of medications, and also has CEU's where you read articles and answer a series of tests. I hope you are able to keep that enthusiatium, nursing school wears you down fast.