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I'm a very observant person, always sit in the back of the classroom because I find it to be the most comfortable and it always allows me to see everything ppl are doing (i dont sit in the back for... Read More

  1. by   AOx1
    It's really important to create a climate that makes cheating more difficult. For my exams, seats are assigned at random (by me!) and are different for each exam. Students draw a number as they walk in through the door and are to go to that computer. I give them paper, calculator, and pencil (exams are computerized, this is for calculations, ABGs, etc). No books, papers, cell phones, hats, food, water bottles, etc allowed in the rooms. Anyone caught with these items fails automatically after the exam starts.

    We have at 1 proctor for each 15 students in the room. Students may not print anything before, during, or after the exam, and if they open a new window or try to copy and paste during the exam, it shuts down. The students are likely surprised that I don't pat them down at the door or use a metal detector

    I hate that it has to be this way, but experience has taught me that a few bad apples won't hesitate to ruin things for the huge majority of honest students if rules aren't strict.

    If it were only that student that it hurt, it wouldn't be an issue. However, this sets a precedent that dishonestly will be tolerated and is just fine. I can't knowingly graduate someone who cheats. People who take shortcuts in one arena will inevitably be tempted to do so in others. I personally don't want the nurse who takes unsafe shortcuts caring for me. Not to mention that you're really not doing a cheater any favors by allowing the behavior to continue unchecked; if you do, they will never learn that there are consequences to their actions.

    I also like to send a strong message to my honest students that I recognize their hard work and believe their grades should reward only hard work and excellence. It is hard to stay motivated to truly excel if you see people being allowed to cheat rampantly.
  2. by   cursedandblessed
    thanks livetolearn, our first semester was strict like that we were allowed pencils and a highlighter only, we use scantron thingies. now we're allowed a clear water bottle without writing on it and a couple of unwrapped mints. we actually had an instructor inspect someone's clean tissues during allergy season, which was sad, funny, but necessary.
  3. by   AOx1
    It's crazy what we have to do to maintain an honest climate. If there ever comes a day in which a body cavity search is required prior to exams, I'm outta here
  4. by   allthemadmen
    I haven't seen anyone cheating in nursing classes, as I sit up front and therefore mind my own business. I *did* report some students cheating in an A&P exam. The lab instructor had forgotten to remove the posters from the walls! I reported them mainly because during class they were disruptive and never stopped talking loudly while the instructor was speaking. The prof found it amusing because she was wondering why students who consistently failed suddenly did so well on one section of the exam! She also assured me "it didn't help them any," and none of those students made it to A&P II.

    One of my nursing profs insists that all personal belongings- bags, purses, books, etc- are stacked at the side of the lecture hall. So as well as worrying about someone copying your paper you have to worry there's a pickpocket in the group.

    Another prof said he had had a student who put information on the inside of a label on a water bottle and pasted it back on. Obviously, the student was busted, and expelled.
  5. by   DanEMT
    What do you think? How dies this fit with your integrity. Cheating now, what them before their taking care of my mom or son
  6. by   NursingRocks1998
    To answer the OP question in one word...ABSOLUTELY!
  7. by   GucciRN22
    god, that was so frustrating!!!! i always had people cheating in one nursing class or another. my friend was the one who actually saw them (always the same people), but she never said anything. if i had seen them, i probably would have said something because it made me so livid, but if the teacher didn't see it, it wouldn't have mattered anyway.

    very frustrating.....
  8. by   Nurse_Diane
    Quote from libnat

    nope, i mind my own business.
    would you want unethical nurses caring for you or your family members?
  9. by   dianajh73
    I have a tendency to keep my head down and my mouth shut. I think it is wrong to cheat but could care less about everyone elses grades. I know the work I put in to mine and you're an idiot if you think cheating is worth it. I don't see what kind of info you could fit on a water bottle that would be worth getting kicked out of school for.

    That being said - Our Honor Code Policy specifically states that you MUST report someone cheating or you will be held responsible as well. So YES I would uphold the honor code and report them.

  10. by   Lenee925
    Long time lurker here..

    It's unfair to assume the poster tolerates unethical behavior simply due to his/hers lack of a knee-jerk response to the situation.
    FYI: I don't cheat and don't respect the practice at all.
  11. by   goodstudentnowRN
    I would ignore cheaters and try not to mention it to anyone. They will fall on their own swords. I have never seen any cheating before and if I do, I would just ignore the cheater. Life is too short to allow cheaters to make you lose focus. I do not like confrontation and so I would not report a cheater....maybe it is just me.
  12. by   Jubilayhee
    In order to bust someone cheating the teacher must see it, there has to be proof. The teacher must catch it themselves. They can't go on someone elses word. So no I would not tell.
  13. by   CuriousMe
    Quote from Jubilayhee
    In order to bust someone cheating the teacher must see it, there has to be proof. The teacher must catch it themselves. They can't go on someone elses word. So no I would not tell.
    The way I look at it is, I take care of my responsibility. It's not my responsibility to make sure some one gets in trouble for cheating. It is my responsibility to report cheating if I see it (as defined by my school's honor code which I signed when I accepted admittance to my school of nursing)....after I report it, it's the Professor's and the Integrity Board's responsibility.

    So to me, it's not a question of whether someone gets in trouble or's a question of whether I did the right thing.