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  1. So I have patho/pharm coming up in January and I have the teacher that "cans" everything, canned lectures, canned she is working on her degree...rumor is that she is a large part of the reason our schools NCLEX is not higher...what advise would you give to some one that is having to teach themselves pharm ? (which I will be essentially doing) I bought nursing pharmacology made incredibly easy and started reading through it. Any other words if wisdom for those of who you already did this?
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  3. by   Sheri257
    Yeah ... unfortunately there always seems to be a couple of teachers like this in nursing school. Learn as much as you can from the previous classes, see if you can get their notes, syllabus and as much info as possible on what they were actually tested on.

    Lectures may be worthless with a teacher like this but, I always taped them anyway ... just to try to figure out where they were going with the material.

    If she's using canned tests try to find out if it's from the text book they're using or NCLEX guides. If the questions are coming from a text book bank then the textbook study guides and computer disks that come with the book should help a bit.

    I always ordered the textbook study guide, just in case. Some text book companies also have practice questions online that you can register for that are even broken down by chapter.

    If you think she's using canned questions from NCLEX study guides then ask her which NCLEX guides she likes, and look at those. Skip the NCLEX questions that don't apply (because there will be a lot of those) and try to focus on the questions that are similar to the material she's assigned.

    Study guides like Nursing Made Easy are good but ... it may contain a lot of info that you don't need to know (at least for now) ... which can make the whole thing even more overwhelming.

    Hope this helps.

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  4. by   ukstudent
    Straight A's in Nursing Pharmacology. It is part of a review series printed by Lippincott Williams and Wilkins. It breaks down pharm into easy to understand bits.
  5. by   chysyl
    You can use the common drugs used in the hospital where you carryout your clinicals as a study guide and know your dosages very well.