Do i need Med surge exprience to work in the O.R?..

  1. I need advice!
    I will be graduating August 2013. I really love the O.R and would like to work there as soon I get out of school.I was wondering if i should strictly put in my application for O.R nursing, or do I need to get Med surge experience before I can become an O.R nurse. I would like to continue my education as an O.R nurse, ultimately I want to obtain a RN first assistant certification.
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    Policies will vary from facility to facility. Two hospitals I applied to accepted new grads in the OR, the other required at least one year of med/surg first. Look into hospitals that offer OR internships or residencies.
  4. by   roxy2013
    I live in Houston, TX. I was browsing the Internet for O.R internships after!receiving your reply. I haven't had any look Finding I appreciate your reply.
  5. by   roxy2013
    . I was browsing the Internet for O.R internships after receiving your reply. I haven't had any look finding O.R internships in Houston,TX. Thank you for replying!
  6. by   springchick1
    I work in the OR as a scrub tech and we hire people right out of school all the time.
  7. by   ckh23
    If your overall goal is first assist then you should try to go directly into the OR. I wouldn't waste time in Med/Surg unless you could not get directly into the OR and need a job.