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In A&P1 we start disecting a cat this week. Four people to one cat.:eek: What is the point? I wish we could have a one on one with the cat. I'm taking my digital camera, so I can review at home. ... Read More

  1. by   vettech
    Originally posted by prmenrs
    I did a cat once. They bear NO RESEMBLANCE to any cat I've EVER known or loved. They have pickled in Formalin, and are somewhat boardlike in look and feel. They are also HUGE!!

    They also "keep" for the amount of time you'll need to work on it for various body systems.

    A much better experience, in my opinion, were the freshly euthanized mice/rats I dissected another time. There was very much less odor (they used chloroform to kill them), and the organs were much easier to see, esp in relationship to one another. Because they had just died, they were still lifelike in appearance and feel.

    Given my druthers, the mouse was better.
    Yeah, but the veins and arteries are harder to isolate. I've done a few myself, but mine were necropsies in my practice.
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    Originally posted by ntigrad
    In high school biology we dissected rats crawdads, worms, frogs, mussels and fetal pigs. Here I am in LPN school and we don't do any of that. I know LPN knowledge base isn't as deep as RN, but you would think we still could benefit from dissecting soemthing. My RN sister in law had a sheeps brain to take home with her to work on, and a cows eye. Do any of you have that yet? I personally was dissappointed that we wouldn't be doing any of that. And YES 4:1 is too many to do any learning on IMHO.
    My class is the first to skip the cow's eye but we each got half a sheep's brain. The weekend before the test I took mine with me to the clinic to study and got the obvious joke thrown at me, "Hey Ed, nice to see you finally have half a brain!"
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    Originally posted by bet0326
    I know I'm a little late on this one but.........in high school I dissected both a mink and a cat. The cat is a field day compared to the mink. The cat is (I can't find another word) so clean on the inside. Minks..........they have mink oil. Mink oil is disgusting. The smell gets everywhere and stays there. I had to throw away all my clothes after Junior year of high school. I love cats and have one as a pet but, I'll take a cat over a mink anyday. Ironically, my nursing school does the mink. figures.
    Dunno if I could do a mink... looks too much like a ferret. (Actually, they're very closely related)