Disappointed in clinical rotation. :(

  1. Just a vent.

    I just looked at the clinical rotation schedule for my class (our first one). We are split into groups and spread out at a variety of locations. All of the groups are at hospitals in the surrounding area... except mine. My group is at some little rehab center. I'm trying really hard not to feel deflated, but alas...
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  3. by   Nolli
    I know you are bummed, but consider that for our first clinical we were not able to do much and many of my classmates ended up in similar rehab centers. We were just answering call bells helping with ADLs and doing a lot of bed changes. Your classmates in the hospital won't be able to do anything extra just because its in a hospital. Also, just because its rehab doesn't mean you won't have interesting patients either. I have had family end up in rehab centers because insurance wouldn't pay for the extra days needed in hospital but they were way too sick to come home. I recommend trying to go into it with an open mind because I had to challenge my own bias when it came to med-surg (many of the nurses I talked to said they could not stand med-surg and so I thought it was something awful and to be avoided) and found out that it is not what I had expected. If you still don't like it at the end of it just think; next semester you probably won't be there again.
  4. by   Stephalump
    Well, I was going to respond, but the PP said exactly what I was going to say so...

    The only thing I have to add is that so many of us are going to bed working in the LTC setting after graduation, that the exposure is probably a really good thing!
  5. by   LCinTraining
    Don't knock rehab. I work in one. Many times it's those doing ADLs and bed changes that catch the status change of a patient. You may be the one to notice a patient going south before someone else does. As an aide, our nurses tout our praises. We are the ones that alert them to the problems so they can act. And since we find the problems we are welcome to help with anything that fits within our scope of practice to help. You may actually learn much more there than elsewhere, as smaller facilities may just open the door for more questions to be answered because there is more time (not always, but sometimes) and because the smaller facilities get a chance to get to know their students.
  6. by   afterseason
    Thanks for the boost, guys.
  7. by   muffin_
    Just to add to what everyone else said, being in a rehab center is a good thing to have on your resume as a clinical rotation afterwards, because it adds variety!
  8. by   12hrshifts
    Try to look at it as a Blessing. Things may be at a slower pace and you'll have a chance to work on your "people skills". You'll probably be so nervous that a smaller, inviting environment could be the best thing for you.

    Good luck!