Diploma Programs! Shout OUT!

  1. Hey there, how many of us are in diploma programs? Why did you choose a diploma program?

    I will tell you, I chose mine for a few reasons. It started out because I already have a BA degree and all credits for an MS degree (with the exception of the thesis) in Psych. I didn't want to go through a big program again right away.

    Then I realized I needed an evening/weekend program and the diploma program I am in is the only one around here.

    The diploma program I am in has a scholarship program for exchange for work. I thought I would go and get that. I didn't get the scholarship but I had already decided to go so I've been struggling with paying for it now. But that is besides the point. The main point is - I needed something for evening/weekends and this is.

    Plus I find it pretty neat to be able to do my clnicals right there in the hospital (the school is attached to the hospital). Its been there since the 20's. Pretty cool!

    So why did you choose diploma? I figure I will go back for my MSN after working as an RN for a bit.
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  3. by   Altra
    Yeah! Another diploma student!! There are a few of us around here ...

    There are at least 7 diploma programs within 40 miles of me. I chose mine because of its reputation, location, NCLEX pass rate (99% over the past 5 years) and the opportunity to have clinicals at 2 different hospitals, a Children's Hospital and 2 different psych facilities. I chose this over an ADN program because it's faster and every aspect of the nursing program at my county's community college seemed disorganized.

    I definitely plan to get my BSN - paid for by my employer.

    Great to hear from another diploma student!
  4. by   cherokeesummer
    Yes it is GREAT to hear from another diploma student. My post was getting lost and I figured I must have been the only one!

    Yeah diploma programs!!!!
  5. by   suzy253
    Yup count me in as being a diploma student. We are few and far between. I chose diploma mainly because they didn't require any prereqs other than chemistry which I had. All the other sciences you take right along with the nursing. Plus I was attracted to the clinical aspect--started clinical after 6 weeks in the program and it is attached to the school as well. It's a very very intense program and has now graduated its 103rd class so they've been 'in business' for quite awhile! I'm loving it!
  6. by   mauser
    Me too! Only prereq was chemistry - clinicals within 6 weeks after starting in August. I'll still be an RN when I am finished - I'll be working, and the hospital affiliate will pay for the BSN for me!

    Oh yeah, and graduates from this school have a great reputation.