difficult teacher (putting it nicely)

  1. My developmental psychology teacher gives us all of her exams upfront to review and we are to find the answers in the textbook and use that as a study guide. We are not allowed to take the exam from the room however. Anyway, we got the results from our first exam back today and 4 people got a 93% (which btw, isn't an "A" in this class) 2 people got a 90% and I don't recall the other scores, but the lowest grade was a 70%. Well, she told us that perhaps we all have low self-esteem, are not motivated or have some PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS because we did not all get "A's". Can you believe this?!!

    I was happy with my 90% because I work 40 hours a week, volunteer 4 hours a week, and am also taking A&P I with this course. Not to mention I like to think I have some semblance of a life outside of dev. pysch. This teacher pretty much berates us constantly and she swears all the time--I am not a prude but I don't believe swearing belongs in the classroom.

    Basically, I have just been sitting back silently. I can't drop the class because then I won't be able to start clinicals in the fall and I don't want to make waves with administration. Has anyone else had a terrible teacher before?

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  3. by   zacarias

    I think your psychology teacher needs psychological help! LOL No seriously, I hope you are darn proud of your 90% especially considering all the other things going on in your life.
    I'm also having a problem teacher this quarter and although I only have his class once a week, I dread it. I just remember that I won't have him as my teacher forever and that helps. Once once realizes that the teacher is weird/psychotic and that it's not a personal thing against the student, you can silently laugh about it. However, if you feel you are being wronged, then it's important to face and talk to the instructor. They may not do anything but at least you've stood your ground. I'm still working on this mind you; I hate confrontation and I tend to buckle when I'm faced with it. In a stand off, the other person normally wins LOL! I know I have work on that.
    So, it sounds like you are actually doing really well in the class and remember, you won't have this teacher forever!

  4. by   fergus51
    As long as your grades are good ignore the rest. You're going to have to work with a lot of dificult people in your career. Frankly I would be happy to overlook the swearing when the exam is practically a take home! Being a student is all about jumping through hoops and developmental psych is just one of them.
  5. by   TCW
    I am used to working with difficult people--I worked 2 years as a customer service rep for an insurance company. It is just annoying that a teacher (IMO) could be so closed minded.

    Zach: thinks for the words of encouragement. I only have the class once a week...monday at that so at least I get it out of the way!
  6. by   Jennipherlynn
    i was critiqued as "caring to much" by my instructor. i was really baffeled and upset at first but i can kind of see where she is comming from ...... just do your best it wont last forever!!!!!
  7. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    I can empathize with you. I truly "feel your pain". Not only is it a load of crap Humanities course masquerading as a science based one, but you have to put up with teachers that think the material is important so they can think thier important.

    I dropped the same course I think. It's called life span development at my school. I will have to take it during the first semester of clinicals this fall. All I kept hearing was "oh you'll love that course" and "it was the easiest "A" I ever got" but I think the expectation is for straightforward questions from a take home test. That would exclude whatever objetiveness that it was writen with.
    My instructor started out with weekly multiple choice quizzes and progressed into self absorbed short answer tests written on the chalkboard. That was the day I walked out. I'm glad I had the option.

    My advice to you has been effective for me in the past.
    Since the teacher is such an ego- maniac why not make her think she's really great.:kiss
    Ask her why you got the question wrong with the same wide-eyed expression as her pet psych majors. Act interested when she speaks and attempt to actively participate in HER point of view. Remember....your point of view is invalid. Use all the catch-phrases like "thinking outside the box" and "holistic" and whatever else she uses. Buy it...at least on credit....whatever she's selling. You can always trade it in for reality later.
    Just be one of the many supporting actors in the world of fantasy she's slipped into.

    You need that nut-case to think she's teaching you something. When she grades a paper of a student that she's fondly familiar with how could she give you a less than perfect mark? That would be giving her "teaching" the same mark.

    You're in a corner here Tonya, Feed her fantasy. I plan to use the same strategy next semester.
    Good luck.

  8. by   canoehead
    I would send that prof a mental "bite me, I got 90%" and let her rant.

    Really, no one asks what you got on grades after school, and what you learn about getting along with people and self motivation to find out more is the best benefit from school. Hang in there.
  9. by   Agnus
    Sounds like her development is severely delayed. Ignore the BS;

    Ya done good kid. No one in thier right mind would tell you otherwise
  10. by   TCW
    You guys and gals have really made me feel a lot better.

    While I find your whole unorthodox approach to the situation amusing, I gotta tell you that I wanna pass this class so I think I'll keep my mouth shut. If only she could read my mind though...:roll

  11. by   babynursewannab
    Maybe it's the subject, but my Developmental Psych prof this semester never gives out perfect grades. Things can be out of 10 points, but no one will ever get higher than 9.
    Also, she says that there is no reason to go over or tell us anything that we did wrong to deserve points off. "I think it's pretty straight forward. You should know why you go those points off without my telling you." HUH?
    Also, her tests are 50 questions (100 pts) Some people who get 4 wrong have 90% scores and some who have 4 wrong have 88% scores. Both of these are wrong.....RIGHT?

    I'm starting to think it's those whacky psych profs!
  12. by   nursy_ann
    ohhhhh teachers!!!!!
    I understand how you feel.
    Last term I had a clinical teacher who judged me cause i was sick and because of my religion. Hey! we're in 2002! let's go gal!
    Anyway I talk with my new clinical teacher and she said she'll help me to find my confidence back. And she's just so great with me.
  13. by   Perk
    I think we all have had those teachers that say things that really get us going. :imbar But it is important to remeber that most teachers are only human. Mabe The phych prof wanted to motivate those who were in the 70's and not you who did very well. Please give your teach a chance, I know I am a student but I also have taught before, and know how easy it is to accedentally insult the so called good students from the so called slackers. Hey you never know this prof may not be so evil as the semester goes on.
  14. by   betts
    If teachers implement their rules with equal treatment for all, the only room for discussion in such meetings is over the rules themselves.