Did you start reading early?

  1. Yes, I still have a year before I start my core classes, but as soon as they release the book list (probably next spring/summer) I'm going to start buying them. I figure it's less painful to get them gradually vs dropping all that cash at once. But. If I have them, I'm going to read them. Bad idea? Easy entertainment for the geek in me? Won't make a difference either way?
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  3. by   sweet_lime
    I would do it... I've got six months until my core classes start. My program told me they wouldn't release the book list until 3-4 weeks prior to the first day of class, because they wanted to make sure you had the newest versions of the books and if any of the instructors wanted to make changes In a way that's a good thing, but I'm sad I can't read ahead. Instead I've been borrowing books off of nurses that recently graduated
  4. by   Ms.TinyRN
    Yes always read ahead but be careful about buying the books more than 6months ahead because I purchased some books 3months before the class and the book was changed when I begain the class
  5. by   mochabean
    My school sent me a book list after I was accpeted and I have already purchased half of them. Since I'm taking summer courses, I have enough to read already and won't have a chance to look at my books until the end of July.
  6. by   greeniebean
    I bought an N-CLEX review book and Have started reading that. Most of them teach you about critical thinking in the first chapter so that's a bonus. You can get them on Amazon for under $20 used and most of the nursing students I spoke with said they bought one their first semester anyways so I think it was a good investment!