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Hello Everyone! I just had to take a minute and tell you all about my weekend...well not the whole weekend...just my class that meets for 6 hours on Saturday. Ugghh...I'm embarrased, peeved, and... Read More

  1. by   Mkue
    hi bean, haven't had a flat tire on the way to school but used to have plenty of traffic delays, road blocks.. etc. at the last college i attended.

    sorry about the rough start you had, hope things get better for ya ! :wink2:
  2. by   colleen10
    Along those same lines of Irony.............................

    My husband and I live next to a household with two teenage girls. Last Monday night their parents were not home and they had tons of kids over at their house. They started lighting fireworks off in the middle of the street around 10:00PM. Now, in PA these type of fireworks are illegal. You can't even buy them in another state because you have to show a driver's license and if you are from PA, forget about it.

    Anyway, a number of neighbors were obviously upset and went out to them and told them to stop it, but they wouldn't. So, I called the police on them and told them to send a patrolman by just to scare them a little. Which, my borough did, and boy was he cute!!! Anyway, that's a whole other post.

    So, last night my father stops by my house to visit and we are sitting on my back deck just shootin the bull and I tell him what happened and how I had to call the police. Just as I finish the story I see a man in black walk through my back yard. I get up and go towards him and see it's a police officer. I asked him if there as a problem and he responded he didn't know yet and then took off towards the front of my neighbor's house. Apparently the girls thought they heard someone in the house which turned out to be nothing.

    But is what so funny that just as I finished my story a police officer comes walking through. The girls must have thought he was cute too!!!!
  3. by   studentOH
    she'll get hers, don't worry about it. Good luck with the CNA class, it can be fun .