December 2006 Grads

  1. CONGRATS to all who are graduating this semester!!!

    I have my last nursing final on Tuesday, Dec 12th!

    Last day of clinical was Thursday, can't wait to burn those nasty white uniforms at our celebration bonfire!

    Pinning ceremony is Friday!

    Taking a job in ICU, beginning in January.

    How about you? What are some of the things you will/won't miss about nursing school?
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  3. by   tessalynn
    Congratulations!! I am very excited about graduating too! I passed my final HESI today giving me the all clear. Pinning is Friday along with Sigma Theta Tau induction, grad is Saturday.

    I will NOT miss the whites, but will miss the daily contact with the amazing group of classmates that I have spent practically every moment with in the last 17 months.

    I have accepted a Neonatal ICU residency that starts January 2nd!!
  4. by   Imafloat
    Congrats to you both!! I was sad over losing contact with classmates too, but we still talk.

    I graduated in November and will start in the NICU in January. I just took/passed NCLEX last week.
  5. by   GeminiTwinRN
    Congratulations to all who are graduating this semester! YAY!!!

    We have our exit HESI tomorrow, and then we have to complete 120 hours post-graduate internship (this is in addition to the 120 hours that we completed before graduation!) prior to applying for our ATT.

    I start in the ICU on Jan. 8th. Can't wait! I'll probably be sitting for NCLEX in February. I hate to wait, but with the new law about the additional 120 hours, there's not much we can do about that.

    Again, CONGRATS!

    Oh and btw, MyBSNin06, I think you did yourself a great service by putting off your start date til Jan 8. At least you have a break before starting your next big stage in life! Enjoy yourself!!

    :mortarboard: :groupwelcome: :hatparty:

    I think we should all stay in touch on a thread to see where we all are as we start our new careers, what do you guys think?
  6. by   BeccaznRN
    Yes, congratulations to us all! I am finished with finals and the next time I go to my school, I will be in a cap and gown!

    I am certainly going to miss all of my wonderful classmates, and I will also miss the "security" of nursing school when I have to go out there and work under my own license. But I am looking forward to starting my new job in the cardiothoracic ICU at the end of February regardless....and glad I'm getting a two-month break in between!

    What will I not miss about nursing school? Pretty much everything else!