Debate Topic..Opinions needed PLEASE?!?!?

  1. perspectives in nursing class...bad
    we have a debate to do...we got assigned topics and our positions on them( which i don't think is fair because how canyou argue something you don't believe in??) but that's beside the point. okay. here it is.

    I have to argure that I feel nurses should not need any education after they graduate.

    No inservices, extra classes, nothing.
    How can i do this? i know nursing is a field where you have to keep gaining education as you go!
    If anyone has any thoughts on this, please please let me know.
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    Thank you guys!
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  3. by   stressa26
    I feel really bad for you and I can't even help you out. How could you possibly argue something like that?

    I don't think it's fair either that the teacher's do that.

  4. by   crnasomeday
    I had an English instructor many years back who made us do the same thing. He assigned our topic and our position....I had to write a pro-abortion paper. I refused to write it. That's the only time in my college career that I've ever willingly taken an F on anything.
  5. by   canoehead
    Hell, I can argue it, even though I don't think it's right.

    I think the secret to it would be to define education loosely, as informal self teaching, continuing competencies, seminars etc. For example ACLS, NALS, could be considered further education.

    You paid the university to provide you with an education, are they telling you that they will only give you half the information that you need, and you have to ferret the rest out for yourself after graduation? On your first job you need to be completely prepared, and saying that you aren't, that you'll need to educate yourself puts undue stress on new grads, when they should be able to concentrate on time management, and adapting to their new environment.

    If anything needs to be learned or updated after nursing school it should be paid for by the employer. After all they hired you for the position, you were obviously qualified to begin with, and if they want you to update they need to pay the costs.

    I think you should argue that furthering your education to get another, better job should not be in the scope of the debate- it's a whole nother issue.

    Argue with me on this one, and we will ferret out the weaknesses, and maybe some new points for you.
  6. by   LJoyW_27
    phew that is over. i argued that with a nursing shortage, what hospital has the funds to pay nurses NOT to work, but instead sit in on classes they have already had in nursing school? we worked our butts off in school, passed the test (even though i haven't yet!) that we shouldn't have to waste our time sitting through more. and thne i got all into the legislative't. doesn't make physiciams do it, why nurses? and how there have only been 2 mandated classes, child abuse and infection control...why should all nurses have to sit through child abuse classes? nursing home nurses or OR nurses will probabyl never see it. and infection control is drilled inot our heads from day one, and we use it ever single day. i basically pulled a bunch of CRAP out of my A** and got my full 15 points cause i have an attitude that gets my point across plus lots of public speaking experiance! but i am SO GLAD that that is over!!! thanks guys!