Dear Dec 07 grads...

  1. When are you guys planning to apply to RN jobs? I've heard different things as to when to apply (and I want to move out of state).
    The countdown is on!!!
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  3. by   TAB_RN
    Don't you have to have your license to apply. I work as a PCA at a hospital now. I plan to take my boards right away, then I am applying right away (hopefully I will pass on the first try! )
  4. by   Achoo!
    I think I'll apply in December as a graduate nurse, and test as soon as possible.
  5. by   TAB_RN
    Quote from Achoo!
    I think I'll apply in December as a graduate nurse, and test as soon as possible.

    Oh, I see. I don't think our local hospitals hire graduate nurses. I know they do in CT, which is not far, but as for here in MA, I don't think they do. I am also pretty certain that you have to be licensed within a certain time frame (like 3 mos., in order to keep your job).
  6. by   BoonersmomRN
    Well I am pretty lucky because I am guaranteed a position at the hospital I work for b/c I am on their scholarship program...HOWEVER...the director at our school has recommended to us that appications start to go in 3 months prior to graduating...the hospitals will know you will be a new grad..and there are a lot of new grads out there at the end of every she said the earlier the better. You dont start to work until you pass the boards but you lock your position in.
  7. by   land64shark
    Hospitals around here certainly take your apps before you graduate. One hospital in particular has a new grad resident program that will start taking apps in August for the Feb. 2008 cohort.
  8. by   Megsd
    I would recommend calling hospitals you're interested in and asking HR people when they recommend you apply (explain you're a student and when you're graduating). Around here, most people graduate in November, take NCLEX in December/January, so most hospitals will hire early with a mid-late January start date. For the internship I'm planning to apply to, the recruiter told me to get in my application and faculty recommendations by late August, for a January start.
  9. by   dlaura22
    yeah, i was thinking August. I am applying to out of state jobs so I figure that could take a little longer. Good luck everyone, we have almost made it!
  10. by   AllyRN82
    I know here in the Dallas/Fort Worth (Texas) area that they recommend we apply for Internships as a GN and then sign on as an RN after we successfully take the NCLEX. Internship applications begin in August/September. I learned this at a job fair I recently went may just be the DFW area in Texas though...I'm not sure. I was shocked to hear that it began so early. I'm definitely going to start applying for Internships around August/September.

    Good luck to all of us throughout our last semester!!!! WAHOO!!! It's finally here!!!!
  11. by   SoulShine75
    I think you can apply for RN positions once you have your license. Before that you can work as a tech or intern/extern if you want to get your foot in the door. I also graduate in December and have done neither. I decided to take the summer off as it will be the last one with my kids before starting work.