Day # 3 of 6 for NCLEX review

  1. Ok.. Getting ready for another marathon day of NCLEX review. I have to say this is painful. We are watching video after video. It seems like it is basically just the 18 months crammed into however many hours of videos we must watch.
    Yes I am learning some new stuff and it is good review but geesh 8 hours a day is KILLING me.
    Has anyone else gone through this yet? And has it helped?
    Just needed to whine a little bit, thanks for listening.
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  3. by   Gator,SN
    After a 4 day NCLEX review course last year, I remember feeling like I wanted my $250 dollars back! Hang in there, its almost over and I think that it really does help.
  4. by   Altra
    RNKitty, I read your post thinking, "that will be me this time next year ..."

    Keep us updated - good luck to you!!