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I was accepted to the LPN program starting in August. ONe of the things I need to get done before school starts is to get CPR certified. I called up the local hospital and they have a class that... Read More

  1. by   vaughanmk
    That sounds like what it is like in my area. I went to get my AHA for health care providers re-cert. it took less then 2 hours and the tests was done in groups and self graded. The teacher said he just wanted us to know what the right answers were and not if we got it right the first time. It's rather scary that we as nurses do not have to "know" CPR the way we used to. It's an imnportant skill
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    *Nursie makes mental note to look at cpr card and make sure
    not expired*
    My CPR renewal is built into my yearly hospital recertification day. We have a day every year during our anniversary month that we recert in all that boring stuff. Every other year it automatically includes CPR. Kinda nice! No brainer for me!
  3. by   RainbowzLPN
    I got my CPR cert. @ the hospital where I work, as an inservice. I found out the school where I'll be going uses the same course, so I won't have to take it again (my card doesn't expire till '04)
    Good Luck!
  4. by   kathygalpn
    We recieved our cpr class as a part of one of our classes it was in a class called introdution to health care and we had to make atleast an 85 to get credit for whole class.I think cpr is important for everyone to learn not just healthcare personel.I have been certified sinc I got pregnet with first child you never know what can happen and you wouldnt believe the peaple (including myself at one time) that do not know what to do in an emergency such as choking etc.Just stay positive you will do fine!GOOD LUCK!!!