Course load advice

  1. Hello everyone. I need some advice on course load. Here's my story.

    This summer I registered for Eng1 and Soci1 at my local community college.
    I finally had the courage to do it! I did well on my placement test and that's all I needed.

    Next week I have to decide on how many classes I will take in the fall.
    I'm currently working part time (8:15 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. Mon-Thurs) and feel I can handle at least the following three. Eng2- 1 x week, A&P-2 nights a week and a Linear Math-2xweek. I have to complete at least 8 courses before I began a take a nursing course in 9/05. Do you think this will be to much work? Let me in on all of your secret's and triumph's. I'd really appreciate your thought's.

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  3. by   EMTtoRN
    I think it all depends!!!!

    I always like to take a math because I know there areno projects due at the end of the semester and no papers to write. I work 25 hours a week but in a job where I can study and do all of my work etc. As long as you think you can keep up with the English writing and the AP studying, then go for it!
  4. by   shyne
    I think that you'll do fine as long as you stick to a schedule. Good Luck with everything
  5. by   moonbunnie
    you can definitely do it, just dont let yourself fall behind and dont procrastinate or youll start to feel overwhelmed. good luck
  6. by   RedSox33RN
    So you will be in class 5 nights a week? You are brave!

    I'm doing 3 courses now, but one is totally online (I am actually finished with it. It was a "work at your own pace, but tests have to be done by xxxx dates" and I finished it early, including midterm and final), one is a "hybrid" meaning mostly online, but with 4 class meetings (the final is Monday), and then my last class 1x per week at night.

    I would say it could certainly be done if you are determined and do not fall behind. I have 4 kids and hubby isn't a great help around the house, so there is no way I could swing being out that much. My kids are old enough to be home by themselves (as long as my oldest is home), but everything would still fall apart w/out me! :chuckle