couldn't register for classes grrr!

  1. Went early this morning to register for classes and again they can't find me in computer. Of course I carry around enough files and documents to fill a suitcase. Spent hours on the registration runaround (wanted to register online but half the time their system doesn't work). Kept telling me I needed clearance from finanacial aid office. Since this is second degree I don't qualify and can't get it. Told them that but they said I need clearance. So I go to financial aid and they tell me since I don't get financial aid I can't get clearance. Told them to tell that to registration office. Go to registration office and go on run around again. Then am told the class I need is filled because overflow from other locations in state already registered and no space for me. Also told that full-time students are first allowed to register. Now I tried to register last year and same thing happened with this class and then I found out class was canceled because of drop outs at last minute. They won't let me be on a waiting list for this class. This is a lab class so can't take it by distance. Felt like I was being laughed at and run around because of being an older student. Of course then I get the lecture about how I should just enroll in typing and business classes. They can't get people to enroll in these because of no jobs in these areas. Guess I will make a pest of myself trying to get in this class. First I have to prove I am enrolled in school and get transcripts and stuff again. Do other nontraditional students feel like their schools discriminate against them? I can't afford any other college but am tired of fighting this battle with them.
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  3. by   Vsummer1
    I remember an instructor once telling me that part of getting the degree is being able to navigate the red tape, registration, and scheduling nightmares. If you can do all that, and pass the classes, then you get the degree.

    Everytime I get the run around, I just remember that it is part of the process and I feel a little better knowing that I am NOT alone in all of this!
  4. by   JennyRN2B
    I remember battling difficulties when I first started the registration process also. I called to make sure things were on schedule only to learn they had lost all of my transcripts and my entire file. I had to recontact all of my previous schools back through high school. I called quite often to make sure they were receiving things. I had a deadline to make because of my nursing app.

    When it comes right down to it, you are the only one who cares if you are in school. If you aren't getting the right answers or help, you contact someone else until your needs are meet. Remember the goal and why you are doing it!

    Best wishes,
  5. by   2banurse
    I'm sorry about your difficulties in registering, having been there I know that it is frustrating.

    Question: When you say you are going for your second degree, is it your second bachelor's degree? or Associate's degree?

  6. by   javamom
    I think every school, regardless of size, community, university or private school, has red tape nightmares. I've attended 3 different colleges in 13 yrs and have had some type of "crap" at everyone. It tests your patience but I try real hard to view it as them testing my character :chuckle I try to be as nice as possible, sweet talk them and HOPE and pray that someone will help me! LOL

    Good luck!
  7. by   colleen10
    Oh Toni!!!

    You are not alone by any means. I allready have a BS and am going back for an Associates in Nursing. I am having as much trouble getting the run around the second time, as I did the first time only now I've been run around so many times it doesn't irritate me as much!

    I have the same problems with transcirpts etc. at my local community college because there are 4 different main campuses that all have their own processes and rules and all my paper work is at one when it should be at the other and I'm actually attending evening classes at the third. It's just a big mess. I dread the beginning of each semester because inevitably something gets messed up.

    But I will say that I don't think it's just because you are going to a cheaper school. I went to PSU and I still had a lot of problems. So far even more than I have now at Community, I think because it was just too big. I remember one time my friend went up to the Bursars office to pay for a measly 2 credit summer class and the school wouldn't let him use a credit card. It was even a PSU credit card!

    I can't tell you how many times I stomped through Penn State Campus with tears streaming down my face because I had just spent the past 4 hours of the first day of classes re-registering or trying to get my Financial Aid in order, etc.

    My advice to you is keep your chin up and try to stay calm. This kind of thing happens to everybody. Also, make really nice with the secretaries because usually they know how to do everything and can give you advice about the schools processes, etc.

    Good Luck and hand in there !

  8. by   tonicareer
    I'm finishing up prereq. (I hope) and getting LPN first and then going for AS. I want all science classes out of the way first so I can concentrate on those many hours of clinicals and commuting.
  9. by   Motivated, SN
    The people holding the hoops, forgot that we have a

  10. by   ggfifirn05
    I ran into a silly little glitch when I was trying to register for the Spring semester...I was trying to get into Microbiology, which fills up in a day or so, and the online system tells me that Intro to Chemistry or something like that is a prereq for I email the nursing advisor, who has already assured me that the high school Chemistry I took 30 years ago (!) is acceptable so I don't have to take it again in college. She emails me back to say that because Micro is a "general" course, not officially part of the "nursing" courses, I have to talk with a general advisor, and also talk with records, because obviously they don't have my high school transcripts (then how have I been able to take all these other classes this year?) So I call the general advisor's office, and after explaining my problem, I'm told I have to COME IN to talk with someone...fortunately my office is within blocks of the downtown campus of my community college, so I zip over there on my lunch hour, only to find about five people ahead of me, waiting for an appointment with the advisor. I explain my problem to the young lady at the desk, and fortunately it turns out she's the one I spoke with on the phone, so she already knows my problems....bottom line is, all it would take was for her to look at my high school transcript to verify I did indeed take Chemistry and pass with a "C", and then override the computer system to get me into the Micro class.

    But, it won't work for her that day, because its still only the 2nd day of registration, and I'm short a credit hour or two to get "priority registration" for the upperclassmen! So, she takes down all the details, and promises she'll register me the next day as soon as the system is available for we underclassmen, and call my office to verify it was done..which is exactly what she did. I was very impressed with her...she's the first person I've encountered at my community college this year who is "on the ball"and really tried to help me with my problem.

    I've learned a few things in my nearly 30 years in Corporate America, and one of them is tenacity...stick with it until your problem is solved, even if it means taking it all the way up the line. Secondly, I've learned that being polite and smiling, and using the "magic words" gets you much further than trying to bully someone into something. Lastly, I am very determined to accomplish this goal of becoming a RN, and I WILL make this happen...and a little thing like bureaucracy at a community college is not going to stand in my way!
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