Could use some encouragement.

  1. So I'm in an ADN program, 2nd semester. I'm borderline failing. If I don't do well on my next two exams, I may actually fail which would be terrible. I've been so stressed I can hardly think straight. I took 2 of our HESI exams today and all I could think about was what would happen if I didn't pass, fail the course, etc., I kept getting distracted by the people around me. How do you stay focused? I've been trying to study harder, but it seems like I have to chose between study and sleep and I'm only getting 5 hours of sleep a night anyways. I work fulltime (not a choice to be unemployed or go part time) and I have 3 small children. Anyone else know what I'm going through or have any words of encouragement?
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  3. by   donk
    It sounds like you have a lot on your plate!! Are there particular courses you're having difficulties with?
  4. by   Bojamashell
    In this program for the 2nd semester, they just have beginning med-surg for 5 credits, with the clinical rotation practicum course for 4 credits. The way they figure the grade is complicated. All of my non-exam grades for med-surg are As. My exam average though is 72.83% (out of 3 exams so far) because I just completely blew it on exam 2. We have to have an exam average of 74% for any of the other course work to be included into our grade. And if you don't make a 74 overall in the course, you fail. I'm making all As in the clinical practicum also. However the pressure seems to get to me during exams and I can't relax. As soon as I sit down to take it, my neck starts hurting from the tension and I start sweating.
  5. by   roxxy3773
    Do you think testing alone would help? When I was in school students got waivers (i want to say from their doctors) and were able to go to another classroom to take exams.
  6. by   Live.&.Learn
    I am in my 2nd semester, have 3 kids, work, and am failing by one point. I get it that you're not getting sleep...believe me, but we have to get through this! There isn't much time left in the semester but there are still a fair amount of points to be had. We worked to hard to get here, and failing is not an option. Life just seems to get in the way and before you know it, another week has gone by. What we have to do is MAKE IT WORK! Anything that can be put on the back burner needs to be and we have to make time to study. There is a lot more time in the day, things just get crazy with kids, work, school etc. My net exam is Thursday, I'm going to bring my notes with me everywhere I go and EVERY free minute I have I'm going to spend reading, going over notes, and practicing questions. Hang in there, YOU CAN DO THIS!!! You have come too far to fail this class, one more year and it will be time to GRADUATE!!! Best of luck to got this
  7. by   Tait
    I was encouraged to use note cards to block out the other questions during test taking to keep my focus. I would also limit caffeine before tests so I wasn't so jittery. Perhaps some simple meditation. I never got much into the "OHM" crap as I can't keep a clear mind, but I do like visualization. I usually sit for about five-20 minutes depending, close my eyes and find something interesting, like "washing my brain" to visualize. Basically in this I focus on being inside my skull and washing moss or vines off my brain. For me it is a quirky thing that relaxes me. Usually after a few minutes everything slows down and I can focus better. Practice at home before bed finding something appealing to you. I have also visualized my problems, say bills, co-workers, etc as problems that I put in a bubble and then push outside of my head. You can also visualize problems or stressors as a color or shape, anxiety for me is often black snakes in my chest, then work on expelling them and replacing them with the most calming color/light you can think of.

    As my counselor says, even bad meditation or mediation that doesn't seem to be doing anything, actually does have a quick profound effect on serotonin levels.

    Best of luck! I think you have the skills there, just need to take the edge off.

  8. by   multi10
    OP, you took two HESI exams yesterday. You may have done very well.
  9. by   Sparrow91
    I have very bad test anxiety as well and one thing that I have learned is to take a deep breath just befor I start the exam and I remind myself that it is what it is now and that getting myself up set is not going to help a thing. When I am in that room, noting else in the world matters or even exists. It is hard but you have to train yourself to let go of your anxiety. Since I have learned to do this I have only had one bad grade and I only failed by a couple of points!
    If you are only failing by 1.2 points then that is recoverable! Good luck to you!