1. Hi all. Haven't been here in ages. May is right around the corner. Finally!!!

    So, who is all going to the Conference in Phoenix in April? I am looking forward to a very educational but fun time.

    Talk to you all later.
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  3. by   Loubell RN 2B

    Even though I am in VA, I have really considered going to the convention. I just can not make up my mind. I will be leaving the two little ones with their Dad (that is a scary thought) while I am away, so I don't know yet. His parents can help him if he needs something.

    It seems really exciting.. Who knows, you just might see me there...

  4. by   NurseWeasel
    I wanna be, but our school isn't shutting down during that time so we can go. I'm waiting and seeing.
  5. by   laurainaz
    I definitely plan on attending....I'm so excited that it is right where I live!!! Talk about luck! )
  6. by   laurainaz
    Oops, that was suppossed to be a smiley face not a sad face!! Hmmmm...............
  7. by   tatianamik
    I'm trying to go. If we can raise the money.
  8. by   peaceful2100
    I went to the mid-year convention back in Novemeber when it was held right here in my city and I definitely decided that I want to go to the convention in April. However, I am unsure with all the threats now if I want to go for one and two I don't know how many other students are wanting to go. I keep asking them and they keep saying they are undecided. I am president of our school's chapter of the student nurse association. When you are going to another city/state it takes planning. It is not something you can really plan in a weeks time.

    Another thing is that I will be leaving my daughter behind for 5 days if I go and she is 5 years old and I have NEVER in her life been away from her for longer than 13 hours. I live with my parents and so she is use to them and I KNOW they will take REALLY, REALLY good care of her if I go. In fact they are STRONGLY encouraging me that I go. They told me you are a young single mom who has sacrificed a AWFUL lot. It is time you do something for yourself and they said I deserve it. So that made me feel a little better. However, I am still a little nervous about flying. My cousin told me that she thinks we are at risk everyday when we are driving in our cars. So, with all this said, I am still planning on going. They said it will be the best convention yet.
  9. by   BranRN
    May I ask what convention/conference you all are talking about?
    I have not heard of one?

  10. by   tatianamik
    National Student Nurses Association annual convention is in Phoenix, Arizona this year.