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Please, oh please offer some advice! My hubby is in an ADN program and the teachers there are trying to fail him. His instructors called him in today to tell him that they got a complaint on him... Read More

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    Originally posted by BABNRS
    Thanks Rstewart - we were posting at the same time so I didn't get the advantage of reading it before I submitted mine.

    Thanks for bringing up option 4. We just talked about that a few minutes ago. He knows that there are many other doors that he can open in the health care industry and has not ruled that out! You were so right about the battles draining you. He walks as if he has 1000 pounds on his back. I told him as I walked him out of the office that he should stand tall, chin up and exude confidence. ATTITUDE IS LATTITUDE!!!

    Thanks again for the positive energy!
    Good luck with this mess and the compromising position that awful school has put you two through. Tell hubby to keep his head up and don't take any sh** from that school...obviously he wants this bad...why should he suffer and wait another period of time before he can complete his dream? Don't let that school get to you...fight them and fight them hard! That's my opinion anyhow
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    Thanks for your comments greer128! I appreciate your opinion. I am still waiting on pins and needles....he left here an hour ago - still no news!!! AHHHHHHHH
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    During my nursing school days, I had an instructor that tried to fail me on the last day of school. I had passed all the tests and she was reviewing my very last thing I had, her clinical. ONe of the trouble making students told a lie on me and she was going to fail me on the very last thing so I could not graduate. She went and asked another instructor and she told her she could not do it. I had decided that if I did not graduate, then the trouble making student would not either. God intervened and I proudly graduated as I should have. I have come to the conclusion that nursing instructors all have mental disorders.
  4. by   BABNRS
    OK, he called. The counselor is helping him research his rights. So he has 5 days to make his appeal - that will be up on Wednesday of next week. He is going to sleep on the whole thing over the weekend and do some information gathering. What do you all think? Should he withdraw and move on or should he pursue the appeal? We need alll the advice that we can get!!!
  5. by   PhePhe
    It seems in nursing school clinicals, you are not allowed to make any mistakes or ask too many questions.
    Once I got failed in a clinical for giving coumadin, under the regular nurses supervision. When my instructor found out she went ballistic. I was never told we were not allowed to give that med. I was so mad I left nursing school and returned 2 years later, but I was nervous wreck at clinicals and lab check-offs.

    It seems that some instructors get the idea in their head that you would not make a good nurse, and they see to it that you are put out! Failing someone in their second year is inexcusable--wasted time and money. If they were going to expel a person they should do it in the first sememster!
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    Originally posted by nurse-in-boots
    Anyone remember "Mario" guy... ? Think that happened to him too. Ended up getting kicked out for an unvalid complaint.
    There are always three sides to every story....and I don't believe someone is kicked out for NO reason. Mario's case was a patient safety issue, from what HE said.
  7. by   essarge
    After reading this with much interest here are some of my comments:

    1. I would run, not walk, to the nearest civil rights attorney and get a consultation. Most are free and if you have a case...retain them. Schools are petrified of the bad publicity that a case like this would cause.

    2. With reference to the abuse that some nursing instructors see fit to distribute. I'm not sure where I read it, but nurses have one of the highest "abuse" rates. This includes abuse from spouses, Doctors, and others. Most just take it and rarely stand up for themselves for fear of reprisal.

    We are mostly a very caring type person and don't want to upset the apple cart. I find myself doing that quite a bit (and I was in an abusive situation for almost 18 years). Little by little, I'm able to stand up for myself in a very diplomatic, LEGAL way but it's very hard sometimes especially when someone holds your future in their hands. That is a very powerful thing and when misused can be very destructive.

    Someone mentioned that instructors try to weed people out who, in their opinion, would not make good nurses. How the heck do they know if they will make good nurses or not until they are actually a nurse? School is totally different than the real world in nursing!

    Stand up for your rights! Don't let them treat you like a child who needs to be punished!

    Ok, I'll step off my soap box now! Sorry!
  8. by   RNIAM
    I would say make your appeal and see where it goes. It might be a good idea to have a lawyer as well. Good Luck!
  9. by   Bonnie Blue
    I would also file complaints with the state and national boards of nursing, Better Business Bureau and maybe even call a local TV station who solves consumer complaints! They have taken your money and not followed due process, seems like a consumer complaint to me. Plus, bad publicity for the school.

    Good luck! I wonder if some of this isn't motivated by prejudice because he's male...
  10. by   BABNRS
    We have definitely considered all of the above and depending on the next 2 days we may still do that!! Again, I thank all of you for your wonderful advice and support. It has been very helpful! I will keep you all posted {no pun intended :-) } on the status of things.
  11. by   colleen10
    Hi Bab,

    I have been following all of this and think it is just horrible. I haven't started my clinicals yet so I have not witnessed or experienced this type of discrimination and behavior in my clinical setting but it never ceases to amaze me of the types of people out there and the lengths they will go to.

    I have witnessed, for lack of a better word, just plain insane people who treat others the way your husband has been treated.

    I wanted to know, and forgive me if you mentioned this in one of your previous posts, but did your husband ever find out what the complaint against him was in clinical? If you can't go into it, that's fine, I just wanted to know if they ever explained to him why all of this was started in the first place, if he was still in the dark or if the main reason for all of this was the OB Packet.

    Good Luck and I truly hope that everything works out for the best and that your husband isn't too saddened by these events.

  12. by   BABNRS
    Originally posted by colleen10
    Hi Bab,

    I wanted to know, and forgive me if you mentioned this in one of your previous posts, but did your husband ever find out what the complaint against him was in clinical? If you can't go into it, that's fine, I just wanted to know if they ever explained to him why all of this was started in the first place, if he was still in the dark or if the main reason for all of this was the OB Packet.

    Thanks Col,

    They still won't tell him what the complaint is about. I think that the beginning of everything was the OB packet. He started to make a stink about the whole thing and request a full appeal on that issue, but decided to let it die. He was at fault for turning in his paper one day late, so he didn't feel he had the leverage that he needed. However, if you recall as I mentioned earlier, not only did he suck up and take the 10% penalty; he took the 20% penalty because they didn't like the fact that I turned it in on the next day. I really don't know what is motivating this "warlock hunt". I mean, he let the OB packet appeal go, things were very quiet until BOOM.....YOU CAN'T GO TO CLINICAL! And this on the very last day of clinical!!!! My gut feeling is that they trumped up this complaint from the hospital (they won't even tell him if the complaint was patient or staff generated) to try to get rid of him, thinking he would roll over and take it in the you-know-what. They thought wrong!!!:stone
  13. by   BABNRS
    You know, I have been re-reading everything and thought I would insert a couple of tidbits of additional information as background on the malicious nature of this program. As part of his appeal letter, he included the following incident:

     April 22, 2003, I attended my Art Appreciation night class at the Perkinston Campus. My instructor told me that an instructor from the nursing program called her at home. She said the instructor told her that she was concerned about me attending my class because I am hypertensive and inquired if I had been attending class. Mrs C told her that I had been going to class and that I was a good student. My medical condition is Personal Health Information and should be kept confidential according to HIPAA laws. Additionally, my attendance and grades in Art class have nothing to do with the nursing program.

    So do you see what kind of people we are dealing with...they were looking for something! He confronted the Director of the ADN program and said "You know, it was the sweetest thing! One of the teachers called my art teacher and asked how I was doing. Was that you?" And she said it was!!! He politely said "Well thank you for caring, that was very unnecessary"

    The closing statement in his appeal letter was "I do not wish to receive my education from nurses who teach accountability and responsibility to the students but are not held to the same standards."