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Please, oh please offer some advice! My hubby is in an ADN program and the teachers there are trying to fail him. His instructors called him in today to tell him that they got a complaint on him... Read More

  1. by   suzielee
    Okay-get a load of this. In my first 7 weeks of schhol we spent our clinical time in lab reviewing things like how to assess vital signs, perform bed baths, make a bed etc. Prior to going out on the floor a teacher told me she would get me to quit if it was the last thing she ever did. She said I wasnt "nursing material". She thought I would be abusive to patients (direct quote) I was freaked out. She had never seen or observed me interacting with patients or conducting patient care as we had not yet gotten to that point in our program. When I got to clinical she through a wheelchair at my hip full force and left a beautiful bruise because I wasnt moving fast enough. (Now whos abusive) She would belittle me in front of patients and their families telling them how stupid I was. When she saw my exam marks (90s) she asked me who I copied off of. I just wrote my finals and passed with the highest mark in the school. All my clinical teachers after this witch praised ny patient interactions and interpersonal skills. I have recieved rewards for my patient care. Dont give up!!!!!!! It is in my opinion that some of these profs are emotionally or psychologically disturbed (re: personality disorders) It is my opinion that they choose to teach because they dont get along well in the nursing world. If this witch was that cruel to me - how did she treat her patients when she was actively practicing? Scary! Keep your nose to the grindstone-do your best-and @#$ the nuts that try to get in your way. They have the compassion, empathy and personality of a brussel sprout-. Consider it a learning experience on how to deal with abusive personalities. It will come in handy one day. Everything is a learning expereince!
  2. by   essarge

    You are a much calmer person than I would have been if someone would have thrown a wheelchair my way. That is much more than "abuse"....that is assault!! Not only would I have filed a formal complaint against the teacher to have them removed from their job, I would have pressed legal charges and had them arrested for assault. There is absolutely no excuse for that type of action from a professional!! Bless you for being so calm!! And congratulations on your excellent standing in the school!!!
  3. by   BABNRS
    OK everybody, here is the update on my hubby.

    Yesterday (04/24/03) he turned his 3 page typewritten appeal letter. The director called him in and told him that she couldn't accept it because it wasn't on "our blue form". He had a brief discussion with her during which she told him again that she was not going to discuss the complaint with him. His spirit broken, he left her office without the blue form. He called me and I told him to march right over to Dean "W"'s office. When he got there, the Director and the lead instructor were already in there. He went to the next link on the "Chain" but Dean "S" was out of the office. He left a copy of his appeal letter and his cell # with Dean S's secretary. He waited outside of Dean W's office. They came out, he went in (still feeling defeated) and asked how he could withdraw or if he had a chance with his appeal. The dean told him that she had over-ruled the Director and would accept his appeal as written or she would grant him a "W" due to the special circumstances. He told her he would think about it and let her know his decision in the morning. On our way home, Dean S called him on his cell. Hubby told him that he has tried every way that he knows to resolve these issues (which, the most recent issue - they won't even tell him what the complaint was about) and the only option he feels he has left is to get an attorney. Dean S was a little ticked that he said that and told him "Don't threaten me with an attorney, I hate it when people say that. An attorney can't do a thing until you follow our process of resolution". Dean S had already talked to Dean W and thought my Hubby had already withdrawn. He told him that he had not withdrawn yet, that he left Dean W's office with the understanding that he would let her know today whether he would pursue the appeal or withdraw. Hubby asked Dean S if there was even time to go through the appeal process since there are only 6 days left in the semester - NO ANSWER. He just told him that if he decided to go through the appeal process how it would go and reminded him that he would HAVE to do that before he could get an attorney. HMMMMMM I don't know about that one.

    So here are the choices:

    1. Do nothing and fail level 2 (this is not really an option since he had to repeat level 1 because he missed the 80 avg by 2 points. He had severe test anxiety, went to a psychiatrist, was put on medication and sailed through level 1. Now with a 90 average and otherwise passing, he will have " failed" 2 semesters making him ineligible for acceptance into any other program)

    2. Pursue the appeal, work his butt off for the next 6 days (2 lab checkoff tests, 1 major lecture test, a professional development packet, his clinical packet from Tuesday) while his focus is off worrying about his appeal. There will be no guarantee that all of this work will pay off and he could fail anyway and be back to option #1's description of ineligibility to transfer to another program.

    3. Admit there is no way to win with these crazy people and take the "W" which will basically mean that this semester never happened and keep his current GPA and be eligible to transfer. The only drawback to this option is that the program he is applying to requires a letter of recommendation from his current program's Director!! That should be forthcoming!!!

    So, right now he is at the school making sure he can get his letter of recommendation (he was going straight to Dean "W" to have her get it from the Director). His plan is to tell her that he wants the letter of recommendation and that he will officially withdraw. Otherwise he will pursue his appeal. He wouldn't have anything to lose at that point. He can't get into another program without that letter anyway. Soooooooo..... I will update when I know more!

    Thank you all so much for your support and encouraging words. He is actually in good spirits about it now. He has come to the understanding that there are evil people in this world and is looking forward to a fresh start. He told me... "besides, I will be twice as good since I have gone through nursing school twice!!!!"
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  4. by   gwenith
    Glad you see it as positive - me I would have been tempted to at least talk to an attorney to work out where I stand. Ceratinly they have interferred with some pf his basic rights. In the long run it is probably better that you go else where anyway but it will always leave a bad taste in your mouth.
  5. by   kimmicoobug
    What a horrible situation for your husband to go through! There is a chain of command for a reason and it almost seems as if it is a no-win situation. Tell your husband to "be strong".........
  6. by   2banurse
    Originally posted by KELLYGIRL
    "If God brings you to it, He'll bring you through it."
    KELLYGIRL, I too, like your quote.

    BABNRS, I just wanted to extend my best wishes to you and your husband. I think that it is atrocious how these "professionals" are behaving.

    I understand a weeding out process because not everyone accepted into nursing necessarily will make a good nurse, but that usually comes via not able to handle the workload which is very extensive. It is the instructor's responsibility to instruct, guide and teach, not treat students in the manner that you described. One of these days it is my hope that I can become an instructor in an ADN program, but I'm going to make sure that I treat my students with the same respect I would hope from them. If there is a student that might have a personality that clashes with mine, I'll know that I will have to take care not to let that get in the way as long as it isn't harming the patients and the necessary work is completed.

    Best of luck to your husband. You should make sure that when he graduates with his RN and he will!!! that he go back to that school and let them know that they might have detoured him, but they have not stopped him.

  7. by   rstewart
    I believe that this thread supports if not proves my point made in my previous post: dramas such as this one occur within other disciplines----but with nowhere near the frequency as in nursing school---and beyond.

    In this case, I would seriously consider option #4. (Ok, Ok I know there was no option #4, but I'm getting there.) PA school, Pharmacy, Radiology Technology, Respiratory therapy then to perfussion school, Anesthesia Assistant, Physical Therapy etc. for starters. Yes, I know all programs I listed are not necessaily available everywhere, and yes I know that the demand/job market in some areas of the country can also vary for some. But the fact is nursing is not the only profession in health care and many pay much better after a 4-5 year education commitment. Or the usual work environment is superior----or both.

    If nursing is what this man really wants-----then by all means I think he should do everything possible to achieve that goal despite this bump in the road. But what might be a fine career for the original poster may be all wrong for the poster's husband. These "battles" can be quite draining win or lose. Perhaps I am looking below the surface but I wonder how much reserve this man has left. With so many options available, I certainly would not risk my well being just to become a nurse. Life is too damn short.
  8. by   BABNRS
    Well, I just talked to my DH. He got his withdrawal papers, got his very generic letter of recommendation "I wish Mr. x the best of luck in furthering his education" and stopped by one of the counselors offices to thank her for her advice and help early on in this process (back when the OB packet thing was going on). She asked if everything turned out ok, he filled her in on the details. She said NO WAY - DO NOT WITHDRAW!!! She said the only reason they offer a withdraw outside of the official dates of withdrawal are for illness, death in the family and ADMINISTRATIVE ERRORS! She said they have to be at fault!!! She encouraged him not to give up, that so many times she has seen students treated this way in the program and he would be a fool to give up the fight. So as fickle as a woman (hehe) he has changed his mind again. I support him in whatever he decides to do. Any comment from anyone regarding other options for his education should this appeal go sour and he is not eligible for another local program. We are interested in learning about online and correspondence programs as well.

    I will continue to keep you posted.
  9. by   BABNRS
    Thanks Rstewart - we were posting at the same time so I didn't get the advantage of reading it before I submitted mine.

    Thanks for bringing up option 4. We just talked about that a few minutes ago. He knows that there are many other doors that he can open in the health care industry and has not ruled that out! You were so right about the battles draining you. He walks as if he has 1000 pounds on his back. I told him as I walked him out of the office that he should stand tall, chin up and exude confidence. ATTITUDE IS LATTITUDE!!!

    Thanks again for the positive energy!
  10. by   BadBird
    Way back when I was in school there was a very mean instructor, the student that she decided to pick on for the semester had a pocket size tape recorder of a conversation where this instructor said many disparinging things. Once the Dean of Nursing heard this the instructor was fired. It may be too late and it probably is n't legal but it was effective. Hope everything works out for your hubby.
  11. by   nursedawn67
    Originally posted by essarge
    Unfortunately, most students don't say anything because of the fact that an instructor literally holds their future as a "ransom". It's more or less, the instructor says and does whatever he/she wants to the student, the student says nothing in fear of reprisal.
    I have seen this over and is soooo wrong...but like you said students don't say anything because they want to finish school so bad they can taste it and they will allow themselves to be trampled in the process.
  12. by   nursedawn67
    Originally posted by essarge
    "If God brings you to it, He'll bring you through it."

    Well put!! I ask daily for Him to help me through it. So far He has answered my prayers!!
    I totally believe this...several of us in my nursing class would have little prayer sessions before classes.
  13. by   nursedawn67
    Originally posted by essarge

    You are a much calmer person than I would have been if someone would have thrown a wheelchair my way. That is much more than "abuse"....that is assault!! Not only would I have filed a formal complaint against the teacher to have them removed from their job, I would have pressed legal charges and had them arrested for assault. There is absolutely no excuse for that type of action from a professional!! Bless you for being so calm!! And congratulations on your excellent standing in the school!!!
    I agree...I would have had their butts in court/jail quick, that is totally abuse....and uncalled for verbal abuse!