Community health day....

  1. Well, today was interesting. I had to go do BP screenings in the community with a group of people from class, and we wound up at a church with a parish nurse who worked with our instructor years ago.
    It was an interesting day as we learned about each other, and what exactly a parish nurse does. We got to sit around and talk/learn, then go over to church, set up tables and do a quick BP screening for a few worshippers after services ended. (1 @9, 1@11, a spanish mass @ 1:30) Asked general info (name, age, take meds, have a doctor?) get a reading and explain what it should be or how well it compared...
    Then the parish bought us McD for lunch, we all had a good time sitting around, talking/eating, and just getting to know each other and what the community clinic offered in terms of services....
    It was suprising, they have some blood screening machines, some advanced technology, and a lot more room/cleanliness than I expected. all in all a good day.
    The best story was when I was giving screenings after 9 oclock mass, a dad came up with 4 kids....each one of the kids wanted to feel dad's cuff as I blew it up, then let out the air...then 3 of them wanted their BP taken and all wanted done by me! (plus we only had one peds cuff) the last boy was funny, he's asking why we don't have teacher written on our badges, why you can feel your heartbeat in your neck, on your chest, and on your wrist, then all of them said thanks, dad's doing good, right? Just a different expierence.....
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  3. by   Jules A
    What a nice day! Thank you for sharing. Jules
  4. by   sissyboo
    Sounds like fun!
  5. by   Daytonite
    Didn't I tell you in your other thread that they would probably feed ya? :chuckle
  6. by   muffie
    nice day for you
  7. by   shellsgogreen
    very cool
  8. by   locolorenzo22
    Didn't I tell you in your other thread that they would probably feed ya?.....

    Yeah, D, you were right. It was cool to see the clinic's setup and it was completely NOT was I was expecting. Very clean, private, and much as a inner city lets you be.....