CNA course

  1. Soon I will be starting the CNA course. What different stuff will I be doing also what will I need for materials in that class? I really don't know much about it, so anything at all that you can tell me would be awsome! Thank you so much. I'm getting really excited!!!!
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  3. by   AmyLiz
    Usually you'll be required to purchase a book and workbook for the class. At our school they also require you to purchase a kit that has some equipment that you'll need for the clinical portion of the class. That and a uniform, nurse shoes and a pocket notebook are the only other things required at our school.
  4. by   francine79
    Prepare to spend a few bucks. For my CNA class, I had to buy scrubs, shoes, and a stethoscope. All the other materials were provided.
    You will learn how to take vital signs (temp, pulse, respirations, and blood pressures), how to properly transport people, feed and bathe them, how to ambulate them, etc. Depending on the type of CNA class you take, you might get to learn how to remove foley catheters, sterile technique and other things.
    You will learn alot in this class, all the basics of nursing that you will carry with you for the rest of your career.

    Good luck!
  5. by   ava'smomRN
    For my class books were included along with a stethoscope, thermometer, and that was about it. I had to but my own uniforms,blood pressure kit(optional). You will learn alot in the class and if you are anything like me you will enjoy it so much that you wont miss any days and you will think you are actually in on of the first nursing courses. That's the way I saw it. Loved the course. I hope you enjoy it. Have fun