Clinicals start Monday

  1. Happy New Year everyone.....

    I just wanted to share that I start clinicals on Monday, Jan 7 and I am nervous and excited at the same time. I have done very well in school so far, I really hope I don't freeze in the clinical setting.

    I am ready to absorb all I can and pray that I am assigned to a nurse that likes to educate student nurses.
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  3. by   Katniss0813
    I start class tomorrow and clinicals on Monday. What semester are you in? I always have a hard time it seems the first clinical of the semester.
  4. by   DawnCaprice
    I am in my 4th quarter out of 9 quarters. This will be my very first time in the hospital. We have done LOTS of lab time, but nothing on really people. lol!!!
  5. by   PediatricRNTX
    Clinicals are going to be what you make of it. Truth is a lots of nurses are so busy it is hard to stop and educate. When i was a student I wish that I had been more bold and aggressive. Demonstrate confidence and ask to do will get more opportunity. Even if your assigned to one nurse..ask other nurses.." if you have an ng tube or iv start, may I assist"

    Just some tips. I wasted away most my clinicals...
  6. by   princessim2003
    I love clinical, it's where you get to shine, you get to put everything you've learned so far together. The first day is always a little intimidating, but after a hour or so you start to feel good! My first clinical is where I had my "OMG, I actually feel like a nurse." The floor nurses usually are pretty busy, so after I was done w/ my morning VS and assessments, I would follow her around like a lost puppy dog. I wanted to be in on everything, it shows them you really want to learn!!! Good luck
  7. by   ShockEmRN
    I start my first clinicals the 14th! So nervous! Good luck!
  8. by   strawberryluv
    I felt the same way when I started my OB clinicals. Sometimes, there can be a lot of downtime (well mine did) so make sure you bring something to read like a little clinical companion book on the subject. Thats what I did for OB, just read my little clinical pocket-sized book to pass the time.
  9. by   DawnCaprice
    I survived my first day of clinicals. YAY!!! The nurse I was assigned to never even said "Boo" to me. I never once spoke to her. When I introduced myself she said hello and then I never saw her again. The one and only patient I was assigned to was either asleep or in CT. So I spent my day doing VS, changing bedding and giving baths for anyone who would let me. I learned a lot and thankfully my instructor noticed that even though I had no instructione from my nurse that I didn't just stand around doing nothing.

    Today we got to observe at a dyalisis clinic. That was amazing. I learned so much today and never touched a patient. The staff at this clinic welcomed us with open arms and explained everything they were doing and encouraged questions. It was fantastic!

    Tomorrow is lecture, it will be so boring after the past 2 days. lol!!!