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Second semester here. I'm curious what your school's rotation is like. Mine is: first 8 weeks/2nd 8 weeks Semester 1: Nothing/Med surg Semester 2: Psych/Mother Baby Semester 3: Peds/... Read More

  1. by   AnnaN5
    I am in an accelerated associates program. It is pretty much the same sequence as the traditional program except some of our rotations are shorter and we don't get any breaks.
    6 weeks-Fundamentals I (LTC)
    6 weeks-Fundamentals II (Med-surg)
    7 weeks-Acute Care (Med-surg)
    6 weeks-Maternity
    7 weeks-Peds
    7 weeks-Mental Health & Leadership
    8 weeks-Advanced Chronic
    8 weeks-Advanced Acute

    This is my last week of peds and then only 3 more rotations to go!! Yay!
  2. by   StudentNurseAbby
    First semester - Long Term Care for 14 days. [soooo boring]
    Second semester - OB/PEDs for 8 days, Med-Surg for 6 days.
    Third semester - Med-Surg for 6 days, Community for 3 days, and Psych for 4 days but longer shifts.
    Fourth semester - Preceptorship and Med-Surg for 14 days.
  3. by   KEL2BanRN
    We're on quarters, not semesters. It's a 7 qtr program.

    1st - 6 weeks of clinical at a LTC facility.
    2nd - med/surg and Pharm
    3rd - med/surg
    4th - OB

    - you are in a lottery and you choose which way you want to rotate through the last 3 quarters.

    The choices are Peds, Psych and Cardiac.
  4. by   SFDRN
    I'm in an accelerated 15 month BSN. Our clinicals are as follows:

    Semester 1: 3 days of LTC, 11 days at hospital in med/surg, stepdown or rehab units

    Semester 2: 7 weeks in acute psych
    7 weeks in maternity
    14 weeks in adult health (basically med/surg 2)

    Semester 3 (summer): 8 weeks in adult/elder
    8 weeks in child/family

    Semester 4: 14 weeks in community
    14 weeks in leadership (capstone)
  5. by   blueeyedgoose
    Nursing I Geriatrics
    Nursing II Rehab & Med Surg & two days in surgery
    Nursing III Peds, Psy, & Maternity
    Nursing IV Med Surg & Telemetry

    Talk about going nuts! Word is is that they are planning on switching these around. Another change that has happened is that for anyone applying for any of the medical programs you have to have gotten an B+ or better in A & P I & II or they will not accept you!
  6. by   StudentNurseSteph
    Soph Semester 2: LTC
    Junior Semester 1: med/surg and maternity
    Junior Semester 2: med/surg and pedi
    Senior Semester 1: psych and community
    Senior Semester 2: senior practicum
  7. by   Conrad283
    1st: Fundamentals/Med/Surg
    2nd: Med/Surg
    3rd and 4th: Med/Surg or OB/Peds & Psych