1. Anyone got any intersting stories?
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  3. by   nurseshawna
    i'll share a funny...

    at my first clinical a couple of weeks ago, my partner and i were helping this lady get dressed, she was such a character. anyway, we were helping her with taking off her pants and to put a skirt on her, and she asked us to "put some powder on her pussywissy" was so hard not to laugh, but at the same time, it showed how spunky she was!!
  4. by   kahumai
    On Tuesday, I went down to the OR to watch a surgery, and lucked out with a right femoral artery bypass, and I will NEVER forget it! They cut this man's leg from right above his right hip all the way down to just above his ankle. (I'd hate to have to change THAT sterile dressing!!! ) I saw arteries, veins, muscle, and layer upon layer of fascia. It was amazing to be able to witness something that interesting; I almost didn't want to leave!
  5. by   colleen10
    A few weeks ago we were in our Maternity Rotation and were spending some time in the nursery with our instructor. She had a new born and was showing us how to give the infant a bath. There were about 6 of us students all looking attentive and circled around her with the infant in the little basinette. She got down to the abdominal area and un hooked the baby's diaper, being sure to tell us that especially with little boys you want to un hook the diaper but leave it place so you don't get spritzed with anything and how you want to put lots of jelly on their keester to make it easier to get the meconium off. The next thing you know she pulls the front of the diaper back so that she can wash the infants genital area and we here this loud "POP" come from the baby. All of the students jumped back about 3 feet with scarred looks on our faces. Here the baby passed gas but with it having to get through all that meconium it had apparently built up a lot of pressue. Our instructor laughed about that one for days.
  6. by   shape0fmyheart
    This is not funny but I actually messed up a med the other day, I think I have the record of being first in my class to pull that one. :uhoh21: I had a HORRIBLE night that night, I had a mean patient, I kept messing up, you name it, it happened to me. It took everything I had not to cry, I kept feeling my eyes fill up, and then once I got to my car I cried a bit and then some more when I got home. I was just starting to feel confident and then that night came along and knocked me back down. :stone