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with time and practice... ugh...i'm nearing the end of my first semester and up until last week, hadn't really had much in the way of "real" clinical experience. last week, we got to go for 4... Read More

  1. by   jemommyRN
    I'm sooooo proud of you for having the courage to try. I hope I'll be as bold as you are because I know how nerves get when you're in that situation.
  2. by   luv2yoga
    You all are so supportive. I love that about this board. Really makes me feel like I'm in the right place.
  3. by   wonderbee
    How ya gonna learn if you don't try? You asked if it gets easier. Yes, it gets easier when you get accustomed to actually practicing the skill. Will you still get nervous at attempting new skills on real patients? Oh yes. It's the ones who don't get at least just a little nervous that I would worry about. You did great. I know my last clinical instructor would have been tickled with you just because you didn't back off the challenge. The first time is always a challenge and he/she who goes for it despite the fear shows courage. You can be proud of yourself.
  4. by   Catma63
    Quote from Carolanne
    Pinning is May 12th pending my passing the final exam. I have accepted a position at my local hospital which I wanted very much. I just want to get through this test ... my grades haven't been the best through this course - cardiac and trauma nursing, a 7 week course which should be at least a full semester. The instructor went through it like a bulldozer and I feel like I've been run over! So lots of studying, lots of self research on the internet and finding other ways of understanding all this stuff, it's been quite an interesting time. But thanks for asking! When do you plan to be done?
    You're going to be just fine. It's so yours! I really DO envy you being so close. I can't wait to see your post, "I DID IT!!" Will look for that one and I'll be applauding you from Virginia.
    As for when I'll be done, I "was" set to graduate in May of 2005. However, that looks bleak for me now. I'm doing my best to stay positive for whatever the outcome turns out to be but will admit there have been times that's been difficult. To put it mildly, Med-Surg kicked my butt from the get-go. I was still working when the semester started which didn't help. When it became obvious that that was working against me, I quit working. I even went and talked to a student academic support counselor in Richmond. She helped me a lot. My grades improved. However, a little too late. I have been unable to pull my grade average up for that class. Finally got passing marks but not high enough. I have one more exam for this class on Thursday on GI, Liver & Biliary, and Urinary system. Yes, I'm feeling a bit luck-less (like there's no wayyyy I'll be able to pass this one even though I've read and studied my heart out).....Even if I do, doubtful it would help me. We DO get points for other things but I don't think that's going to help me either. Our program requires an accumulative 80 to pass. I'm three points below that now.
    Yipes! I didn't mean to spill! I've spilled too much, maybe?
    Thoughts venting themselves via the internet, I suppose.
    Anyhoo, I suppose (pending my failure of this course) that I'll have to sit out the Fall semester (take some courses to rebuild my GPA) and then come back in the Spring to retake. I'll be a year behind. I suppose better late than never though, right?
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