Clinical hours so long

  1. I'm not in nursing school yet but i was on the community colleges website earlier where i'm going to be attending and was looking at the fall nursing schedule and saw that the clinicals are either 12 or 14 hours days 2 days a week. That sure would take some getting used to...i'm not sure how well I could handle that. Are all schools clinicals this long? Is the whole day actually in the hospital? That would be alot of information to soak brain would be fried til I got home.
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  3. by   memphispanda
    My clinicals have all been 4 or 8 hours. We do sometimes have groups that run a 12 hour day instead of one 8 and one 4, but I don't want one of those groups. I wouldn't be able to do the 12 hour days because of my family, and 14 is just out of the question--I can't imagine a regular program using 12s and 14. Maybe a night/weekend program though.
  4. by   kimtab
    Our clinicals are 8 hours a day, 2 days a week. Maybe you spend more time in pre and post conference? I can imagine spending 12 hours on the floor easily enough because that's what I'll be doing when I'm out of school, but on top of everything else you're going to have to be doing as a student, that will be hard. Why don't you try to catch some of the students one day and talk to them about what it is like.
  5. by   nursbee04
    My clinicals are 12 hrs and it really isn't all that bad, but its just one day a week, not two!! It goes pretty quick because we stay busy. Most of my other clinicals have been 8 hours, though. Sometimes we go 10 1/2 or 11 hours and use the rest of the time for post conference or a lab activity. As for 14 hours, I've never heard of that at my school and I think that's a little overboard for nsg students, esp twice a week
    I'd get an appointment with an advisor and ask about it.
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  6. by   swtshyn20
    I guess i need to talk to someone in the nursing program about that. I can't imagine doing a clinical for 12 hours let alone 14...surely some of that is doing other things...but that is still a really long day.
  7. by   NurseDixie
    My clinicals are 6 hours, two times a week. We have pre-conference for 30 minutes, lunch 30 minutes, post conference 60 minutes, that's only 4 hours actual clinical time per day.
  8. by   EmeraldNYL
    Our clinicals are supposed to be 6 hours but they usually end up being more like 8 after we have pre-conference and post-conference. The various state BON determines the minimum number of clinical hours you have to have to graduate.
  9. by   jdomep
    Ours are 8.5 hours 1 day a week. (Every other Sat. and Sun 7:00 - 3:30)
  10. by   essarge
    Two days per week 6-7 hours each day including pre and post conference.

    12 hours seems very high. Are these clinicals for the same class? If they were separate classes like maternity and med/surg it would make much more sense.
  11. by   swtshyn20
    They are for one class as far as I know
  12. by   susanmary
    Originally posted by DGfuturenurse
    My clinicals are 6 hours, two times a week. We have pre-conference for 30 minutes, lunch 30 minutes, post conference 60 minutes, that's only 4 hours actual clinical time per day.
    This seems to be the norm -- truly, I don't think this schedule is to a nursing student's advantage -- nor is it to the registered nurse/patient's advantage. If the goal is to be gaining solid clinical experience, starting the day late -- taking lunch at a preset time -- leaving early for post conference, etc. -- you are not getting a true clinical experience. Clinical hours of 6 hours -- when a nurse's minimum shift is 8 hours -- get the picture? So much learning takes place at change-of-shift report.

    To the original poster, I admit that 14 hours may seem like alot -- but if 2 +/- hours are in conferences, you will get a more solid clinical experience with the longer shift. In the end, the more time you spend on the floor caring for patients -- the better.

    Come prepared to clinical, don't give a med/do a procedure you don't know, find your resource on the floor -- don't ever feel "dumb" asking a questions -- you aren't expected to know everything. Just come with a good theory base, we can teach you the clinical stuff -- just come prepared. Remember -- no one knows everything ... you will do fine.

    Good luck.
  13. by   NurseAngie
    Clinical hours in PN school were 2 ~12 hour clinicals per week and they are 2 ~ 7.5 hour clinicals per week in the RN program. Let's just say I LIKE RN clinicals MUCH better