Clinical awakening - page 2

It was a warm fall morning. The alarm clock jarred me from my dreams at 4'oclock. I jump to turn it off so it does not wake my baby who is snoring in her crib. I almost want to pinch my husband in a... Read More

  1. by   tookenayj
    Yes, I am now in my second year, I felt like I was right there with you, all the morning frustrations and internal feelings of fear and self-judgment. And then, there is a moment that something or someone happens to you and it is like a reality slap to the face. This is why I am here, they are why I am grateful, and today is why I am going to be a good nurse....I am really glad to hear that other people go through this, and that there are people like you who will be my peers and colleagues. Keep it up!
  2. by   dbscandy
    Great story and exactly the reason I could never be a Peds nurse!

    I am going on 26 years in the NICU, high-risk birth certified and NIC certified; however, floating to Peds gives me PVC's! I kid you not. Fortunately, I have floated exactly four times in 23 years and the kids survived, haha.

    You are going to go far, and please, keep writing about your experiences. You'll be the nurse others like me, an old-timer, would love to work alongside. I loved reading this article.
  3. by   momicat
    Loved reading about your day! Right alongside you in spirit.

    I received my LVN in 12/2010, and am currently employed [past 13 months] as the "health services tech" in a junior high [7th/8th gr = 1500 students], also working on RN classes.

    No matter how my day starts - the students make my day better. While not employed as a "LVN" - I find myself utilizing the same skills with the students. Every thing from anxiety, bloody noses, fevers, Rx administration to vomiting, sprains and dislocations, etc. Parents send their child to school even with having D, V and fever w/Rx at home that morning. Are they well enough to stay in school? The day goes by fast [averaging 40 students a day].

    I don't give injections or check lab results - however seeing the appreciation from the parents when they pick up their child is the best.