Class of 2006 here I come

  1. :hatparty: I got my letter today! Orientation is April 14th. Have to get my physical, already have all my shots and have to renew my CPR this summer. Shouldn't be too hard.

    Will finish up Micro this semester and take chemistry II and stats in the summer and I will have everything I need except communication towards the BSN so I can start that as soon as I finish the ADN. (trying to think positive that I will actually make it through)

    Good luck to everyone still waiting!!!
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    Congratulations!! :hatparty:
  5. by   TaraSC
    Congrats and welcome to the class!
  6. by   studentdeb
    Thanks everyone. Boy does it sure seem so far away right now.

    I will graduate in May of this year with my Associate of Arts degree so I feel like I have gotten something after taking a few years of classes.