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One of the long time members started a thread in off topic where everyone is exchanging addresses and such to send each other xmas cards......well being students and on a limited bout... Read More

  1. by   renerian
    Mine is

  2. by   maire
    Just giving this a quick bump in case anyone else wants to participate.
  3. by   Robin61970
    Sorry this hasn't been updated lately.....finals week this week and preparing last heres the update! Robin61970 Keely-future Rn B Matt Mel D dstudent kimmicoobug Peaceful 2100 maire subec mission nurse Lausana farmmom katieRnlove AppyHorsefan renerian
  4. by   Robin61970
  5. by   Loubell RN 2B
    I sent out my e-cards... I hope everyone got them. Enjoy your time off from school and I hope that you find yourself safe, relaxed and ready to bring on the new year.... (and ready to hit the books)....

    Lynda :-)