1. I was just wondering about requirmets at other instutions? Where I attend school (I am going for my BSN) They require 14 credits of chemistry. This includes general, organic, organic lab, and biological chem. with a bio. chem lab. In order to proceed you must have a C. (Not a C-!) I am glad that I will be done with all of it next semester, but it's SO much.

    What are your schools requirments when it comes to chemistry?

    Just wondering....

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  3. by   Rena RN 2003
    we are only required to have organic chem. of course that comes with pre-reqs (intro to chem I and II).

    i hated chemistry :chuckle
  4. by   maire
    Wow my school must be substandard, we didn't need to take any chemistry classes for the 2-year degree.
  5. by   farmmom
    chem I and II here at Purdue
  6. by   nursing 101
    WOW! And I thought my school was bad!
    1 class of Organic chemistry but with a pre-req of General Chemistry. General Chem is not required if you had Chem in the last 3 years or if you had some high school chem.
    Good luck my friend! I hated chemistry and I will next semester. We haven't even started the new semester and I already signed up for tutor. lol
  7. by   colleen10
    Jeesh Lacy, that's a lot!

    My school you have to have had Chem. in high school and then have 3 credits of Intro to Chem. It is a CC, ADN program.

    I have a degree in Agricultural Science and I still didn't need that many credits of Chem. I think for my Bach. Science I only had to have Intro to Chem, Organic Chem, Biochemistry / Molecular Biology. That's only 9 credits of Chem.

    Good luck to you and you should be proud of yourself if you have made it through all that Chem. No way I could do it or even want to do it!

    Good Luck!
  8. by   rachdd
    At IUPUI we just need either High school Chemistry or 3 credit hours of Chemistry. I am taking Organic chemistry this next semester!