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spoke to one of my old classmates, found out one of the girls cheated on certain exams. why do people do this? nclex aint no one going to be there to cheat on. i know NS is very stressful and at... Read More

  1. by   Nursing2102
    I see cheating every once in a while. One girl actually went up to the professor after class and told her that she couldn't focus on taking the exam because she was so focused on trying to cover up her answers because the girl next to her kept looking over at her paper.

    It's pretty unfortunate because the people who actually put the time and effort into studying for their grades should not have to worry about some lazy person copying off them, personally I find it really annoying when someone asks me questions on homework or assignments or even when I have occasionally found someone peeking at my test. Honestly? I don't spend hours studying so you can copy off me, do your own work or get out of the program if you can't keep up on your own.
  2. by   Mewsin
    It's so frustrating. We just had a week off and our first day back we were supposed to have our lab prep assignment done, they are little mini quizzes we get marks on. Most of the class had it completed except for two. One copied her answers off of the assignment passed to her before we started marking. The other arrived late and then started copying the answers off a quiz that had already been marked. We have a small class, we saw this happening, she was called out on it. She wasn't happy that we said something but we're not impressed that we're putting the work in and she's not.

    There's another girl though that I think she's cheating but there's no real proof. Twice now we have been having a discussion about the questions before going into the class and she very adamantly told us why our answers were wrong. Somehow though she's still getting 100% on her quizzes even though her answers are not correct. You can tell when she's answered wrong too because her face turns red.
  3. by   SunshineDaisy
    I always wondered what would happen if people who put so much time into cheating actually studied...Hmmmmm...

    And I do admit, I look up or forward when taking a test, but never in the direction of a classmate. I try to sit on the end of the row so I can look up and over to the empty spot. You may even see me drawing things in the air to visualize it for myself :/
  4. by   nurseprnRN
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    Actually, no.
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