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  1. We start interviewing for care plans next week. Any advice from you "seasoned" students? Any good websites for it? Thanks!!
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    I am in my second year of nursing and last year I was TERRIFIED of the words "care plan". However, they are not too bad. They just take forever! If you can find a really good care plan book, it would be really helpful. I use Nursing Diagnosis Reference Manual by Sparks & Taylor, 4th edition. Its a easy book to understand. Also, just remember that everything must be measured. For example, if one of your goals might be for your patient to verbalize things they could do to lower their cholesterol, be sure you give a specific number of things, i.e., "Patient will verbalize 3 ways to reduce cholesterol." I hope this helps you. Remember, once you do one care plan and pass it, you will get the hang of it.
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    do not worry....they are bad at first but they get better. i would NOT have been able to pass my careplans without a careplan book!!! I carry it with me to clinical and's the best $50 i ever spent!! just remember, a lot of the stuff is common sense, just put your knowledge of any disease process or anything into your careplan and you will be fine. And don't try to hard to make it perfect...sometimes the simplest things will work fine...ex...goal: My patient will remain free of infection on my shift as evidenced my a WBC within normal limits. not very in-depth...yet covers what you need. And dont' be afraid to ask people for help...we've all done it! we have all been where you are right now, as have your instructors and the students above you in your program. Good luck...and another it in pencil!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!
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    Wow!! Thanks MRed!!! Much appreciated!!
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    Heres a site I put together with a bunch of apa papers and careplans. Its free. I just ask people to consider submitting a few of their papers.

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