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  1. Hello all, so we are halfway through our first semester and we just started developing care plans on actual patients in clinical. My patient was admitted with UTI with ab pain. I'm a little confused about the etiology and s/s. This is what I came up with.
    Impaired Urinary Elimination r/t infection and hematuria manifested by burning upon voiding
    Does this make sense? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks:wink2:
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  3. by   Achoo!
    How does hematuria and UTI relate to impaired urinary elimination?

    Do they have an increased urinary output?
    Decrease? How is it impaired? That would be your AMB
  4. by   Daytonite
    here is information on uti's. you can also find etiology at these sites:
    what are your patient's symptoms in relation to the infection? does the patient have any of these other symptoms: frequency, urgency, fever, incontinence?

    choosing your nursing diagnoses is always based on your patient's symptoms. hematuria is a symptom and it would not be appropriate to use it as a "related to" item in your diagnostic statement. it would be more appropriate to include it with the "manifested by" items. if you want to use impaired urinary elimination you must ask, what is causing the impaired urination? you can use uti because nanda does list it as a related factor for this particular diagnosis. (nursing diagnoses: definitions & classification 2005-2006 published by nanda international, page 211.) your "manifested by" items would be the symptoms that support that. you have mentioned two in your post. those are burning upon voiding and hematuria.

    i would re-word the nursing diagnostic statement to read:
    impaired urinary elimination r/t urinary tract infection m/b burning upon voiding and hematuria
    what are you wanting to do about the abdominal pain? does this patient have this pain all the time, or only when urinating? is there something more here than a uti going on? if so, then you should also consider putting a nursing diagnosis for acute pain in your care plan.

    you always look at all the abnormal data that you collected. that abnormal data become the basis of support for any nursing diagnoses you choose. they also are the basis in developing goals and outcomes. all your nursing interventions are based on them as well.

    if you have a care plan book, you should read the first chapter(s) on the care planning process where this is discussed. you must understand the steps in this process or you will always have problems coming to correct nursing diagnoses and forming appropriate diagnostic statements. these are all reflections of critical thinking skills. if you have not already read the information on these threads, you should:
    here is a link to another thread where a student was looking for help with a careplan for a patient with a uti as well. you might find reading through the posts to this thread helpful.

    good luck! i hope this has given you some direction.
  5. by   BSNRNBC
    Thanks so much! This really helps!