can i scream now or later

  1. Ok so i am a registered practical nurse in canada and going for my bachelors to be able to become an RN. We have papers coming out of wahoo's and im really starting to question is this really important....

    Right now i am doing a reflective paper using carper's ways of knowing and "other ways of knowing"... the situation i described is obviously based on intuition... so not only do i have to write this reflective essay i need to do an annotated bibliography with three peer reviewed articles on the other ways of knowing... that would be fine but they have to be within the last 5 yrs... of course most of the articles im finding are 1998, 2000 or 2001... sheesh...

    can CINAHL not make my life easier... and why oh why do i need this... this is not how i reflect on my nursing practice and it is just annoying me...

    some days i really question why you have to have your BScN to be an RN...

    just needed to vent...
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  3. by   RKpianoman
    The BSN is just like any other Bachelors degree; a large portion of it is simply to broaden your horizons and make you think. I always say "well, this is obviously the 'BS' part of the BSN" and just do it. And I don't know what a wahoo is, but it doesn't sound like a comfortable place to have a paper come out of!

    I'm about 6 months away from graduating with my BSN, and I definitely feel your pain and frustration.
  4. by   OB-nurse2013
    haha I just finished writing a nice boring paper like that myself. I don't know the answer but I do feel good about being able write, articulate my thoughts, and search for relevant research when needed aren't bad skills to have in any profession.
  5. by   Trishrpn80
    I just wish it could of been a paper where i had a choice in picking.. this semster is 3 classes that are boring.. i actually miss ethics now....

    Hahahah BS in BSN... hehehehehe