can anyone recommend a good digital voice recorder?

  1. I was shopping the catalog on the plane and saw a digital recorder than can record a lecture and then download it to the computer to then put on a cd. I was thinking that would be great because then I could listen to the lectures again while commuting to and from school. I have been looking at a lot of websites, but then realized I would really like to get some opinions from people who have actually used these products. I would like one that has at least 8 hours of recording time for long days and good sound quality. Have any of you used one and if so, what kind? Would you recommend it? Thanks in advance for your opinions and/ or suggestions.
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  3. by   nursebucky
    I just purchased a digital RCA tape recorder from Walmart for about $50. The quality is excellent, and has a menu with simple programmable options. It has recording time of up to 6 hours.

    I think you are referring to a IPOD or some type of MP3. A guy in my class has one and it has good quality. He paid about $170 for his. The only difference is that I am not recording music.

    I am pleased with my recorder...HIGHLY pleased.
  4. by   ava'smomRN
    Check out they have great elecronics and the cos is resonable. Thats a grea idea. i think i will do they same during my fall semester and thereon
  5. by   pedi-RN
    I ordered one off of eBay to help me get through A&P II next month. Since we will be in class 5 hours a night for a month, it will go VERY fast. Thought this would help for that and for nursing classes this fall.

    Here's a link to the one I ordered. I haven't gotten it yet, so i can't attest to it's quality, but the other buyers seemed pleased.

  6. by   hobbes
    I have an all digital recorder/MP3 player that I used this past semester for A&P and am currently using this summer for microbiology. It allows me to record up to 10 hours I think. Very compact and fit my shirt pocket. Nice thing about it was that it could store both MP3 music and voice recordings. I usually stored 3 or so lectures on it and listen to them while I commute. I also decided to upload them and store them on my computer for reference. From there I burned a CD to listen to them on a CD player without running down my batteries.

    I bought it on Amazon. I have the 256MB version:
  7. by   sandylpn03
    Wish I would have seen this thread yesterday.....I just purchased a digital recorder from Walmart too, it's the SonyICD-B7, it says it only has 150 minutes of record time max but I thought that meant you could move that lecture into one of the folders and re-record. Do you think they mean "battery" time? I haven't opened it but am now wondering if I should have gotten the RCA recorder, I think I saw one of those there just didn't know if it was a good pic. I've never heard anything about either one of the two brands. Anyone have any advice on the Sony before I venter inside the container? Thanks for the help.

  8. by   nursebucky
    My RCA recorder is wonderful!!!
    I love the different folders and the quality of my instructors voice.
  9. by   Hooligan
    Thanks for posting this thread. I'm going to ask for one for my birthday next month and it will be helpful to have a bit more information. Thanks to all who posted info and links!