Calling the school tomorrow

  1. So I'm going to be calling my local technical school tomorrow to get information about their LPN program.

    Any advice on what questions I definately should ask?
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  3. by   mysterious_one
    they are just tooo expensive, so definitely how much is the cost, lol? Why don't you check out your local community college, just a thought. I saw your other posts, and I agree with others , I would go for an RN . LVN/LPN are not in great demand nowadays and you were talking about bridging over to RN someday, so this would cost you extra and would be extra time. You can become an RN with prereqs and an ADN program in about 3- 4 years. Oh , and make sure they are accredited and have a good NCLEX passing grade, though I don't know if they would be the one to ask for that last one.
  4. by   maddiesmommy

    Hi, thank you for the advice. I did call the technical school today, and they are sending me all of the information about their LPN program, fees, etc. Only thing is, the LPN program is only full-time, Mondays-Fridays 8am-3:45pm. Right now, that schedule is not good for me, as I have an 18 month old, and also babysit my 2 nieces during the weekdays. My husband couldn't watch them because of his nightshift schedule, and he sleeps during the day.
    I was really hoping they had the program part-time and night classes. My husband wants me not to give up, and to keep looking at all other options, but he said, if I have to wait until my youngest starts kindergarten (in 3.5 yrs) to begin my schooling, then that's fine too.
    I am going to ask my dad, who is retired and stays home, if he'd be willing to watch the kids for a year, while I go to school, but he's not exactly a kid person, and I'm not going to hold my breath, lol.
    As far as just going for the RN instead... right now, I know that I want to be a LPN. I am not sure if being an RN is for me, but I am going to look into it also.
    Any info anyone wants to give me about being an RN too, is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again!
  5. by   jemommyRN

    How do you feel about daycare? When I wasn't exactly comfortable with my son attending "daycare", I interviewed people who watched kids in their home. To me that was more personable. I found a great lady who took excellent care of my son. It's just something to consider.
  6. by   mysterious_one
    well, if you chose to go the RN route , you have to take some prereq courses, like english, math, antatomy and so on, and some of those are also offered online through your local community colleges. So that could be your answer to your current babysitting problem. Lot's of mommys take their time and take one class at a time , but that still puts them closer to their goal and it is easier on their finances and let's them be with their kids when they are really small.
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  7. by   WDWpixieRN
    Please just be sure (by asking universities/colleges in your area) that these very expensive tech school credits will be transferable someday should you choose to go on for that RN or beyond.

    It would be a shame to try to expedite something that will have to be repeated at a later date because no one recognizes the time/work you put in to this first "degree".

    Best wishes!
  8. by   moongirl
    also make sure where ever you go it is an accredited school. there are a lot of places that will not even consider you for hire unless you graduated from an accr. program