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  1. I am currently in a BSN program and we are in our second semester. I have recently been having trouble with my patho class. I made a 68 on the first test and I am feeling really discouraged. I feel like there is so much information that I don't know where to begin when I sit down to study/read. Some days I feel like I am never going to be a nurse, much less a good one who knows their stuff. I really do love working with patients, and I want to be successful in school and my career. My boyfriend doesn't understand sometimes that I need to be alone and study, its hard for me to juggle him and school along with family and friends. I am feeling overwhelmed about how I am supposed to divide up my time. I am just looking for some advice about things that help you out in school or how you made it through your program. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
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    Awww it's tough. Patho is a hard class I had a very tough teacher for that class but she really taught me how to understand things. Anyhow I know how you feel I got almost straight A's in my pre-nursing classes but last semester (my first) I had a hard time and I kind of felt that way because it seemed like veryone else was acing every exam. It is hard to divide your time but you have to prioritze it and your b/f has to understand that. Just try to explain to him but honestly he probably won't really understand. Sometimes I just try, when I have time, to do something a little special for my husband so that he doesn't feel too neglected and just remember if you guys can't make it through this then it's probably not meant to be and I just say this because worrying about that should be the last thing you have to worry about
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    Passing Pathology is no indicator as to what good a nurse you'll be.
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    I found it necessary to talk honestly with family and friends & say that your time with them is limited now, but you appreciate their support. It is temporary. Relationships may suffer during any stressful period. If boyfriend needs that much attention he is not thinking about what you need.

    Consider a tutor for patho. Your instructor may have ideas as well.