BSN programs going to 6 semester track in Cali

  1. Bad news for CA prenursing students; I was told by the director of nursing at CSU Chico that all Cal state schools will be changing from a 5 to 6 semester track by spring 2006. Great way to help fix the shortage guys!
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  3. by   sdlb08
    SDSU & CSULB are already on a 6 semester track.
  4. by   MikeyBSN
    I think that's a good thing.
  5. by   Alpha13
    care to elaborate?
  6. by   rn2binca
    Sac State has gone to 6 semesters as well. It was phased in Fall of 2005. For that semester they selected two full groups, one to the 5 semester program and another group to the new 6 semester. Now all students enter on a 6 semester program. They included a few of the "old" prereqs in the 6 semester program, that is what extended it.

  7. by   MikeyBSN
    I don't think cranking out nurses as fast as possible is a great fix to the "nursing shortage." Plus, a major complaint in a lot of places is that students are coming out not having enough clinical experience. I think an extra semester of clinical could be a good thing. I don't think that an extra semester is going to a huge strain on nursing, in fact, I'm finding most places are fairly well staffed.
  8. by   Nemhain
    Is this for accelerated programs? If not, I've never heard of BSN being less than 8 semesters (4 years) before. 6 semesters?...not too bad....
  9. by   manna
    I'm assuiming the OP means that there are 6 semesters of nursing content on top of the 4 semesters of pre-reqs? If so, does this mean that a BSN is going to be a five year track, now?
  10. by   Califlower
    Does this affect the RN-BSN curriculum length as well??
  11. by   BonnieSc
    Yes, it's six semesters as actual nursing majors, on top of the rest of the college work; I know a couple of people who are doing it all in four years. Basically, our first semester is now a sort of orientation to the program and includes history/ethics/nursing process, and gero, but no actual "clinical". It isn't really going to make anyone's education take longer, because we can take several of the prerequisites after admission to the program. People who'd already finished the prereqs have had a couple of light semesters.

    I don't believe it's affecting the RN-BSN program.

    Though, as I mentioned, we're NOT getting more clinical time, I think we're all more comfortable in the program than previous students who are slammed directly into clinical. Our first year, in particular, seemed much more relaxed.